Tuesday, December 30, 2008

consistency is key

...especially when it comes to ab work. i've been extra lazy about doing abs for the past 10 days and tonight when i attempted some planks after my run i wanted to collapse after 10 seconds. sad, sad. i moaned and groaned my way through 2x1minute regular planks and 2x1min side planks (1 per side). i made up a song (to the tune of rihanna's "live your life") about all my flabbiness to try to not stare at my watch slowly ticking the seconds away. i'm sure my non-exercised shoulders, arms and back didn't help much either. so people, do your crunches and do them regularly. i keep saying i will get back on track...

i spent another hour on the treadmill tonight after work. it wasn't too bad i guess but i have to make up games to play so i don't quit in the first two minutes. tonight, i tapped the speed up a little every 5 minutes, and since i was going for an hour i threw in some "hills" as well so i wouldn't end up at like 9.0mph. i'd consider getting a tv for the treadmill's room but then again, i don't have cable and it would just be even more painful to run for an hour+ on the treadmill and flip through all 7 channels i get via antenna (...for now anyway).

i'm getting a little antsy for next weekend (the goofy). i want it to be here and yet i don't. i have been training for 20 something long weeks and while it'll be nice to have a week off afterwards, i don't really want to take a week off. i'm also having a hard time with self-confidence - after training so long, working hard, and dreaming about a sweet half-marathon pr, i'm afraid of letting myself down. i'm just gonna keep reviewing my training log, reminiscing the good runs and reminding myself i've put in all the work.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:02:16 (8:53 avg pace), avg/max hr (159/176)


  1. Lindsay, you and I are cycling together where running is concerned this week, we've both suffered from lack of self-confidence. However, you are different than me, in that you are FAST AND STRONG. You run more miles than anyone I know, you are super fast, and you will do just fine. More than fine. Awesome.

    Yyes, you've had a jolt to your system the last week with everything that happened with your dad. I think you need to cut yourself a break. That was a very traumatic experience that you can't just snap back from in one day or so. I know you know that, but it bears repeating.

    Give yourself some time off this week to let your body get all the glycogen stores it needs, and the muscles the rest they need before you run a crazy distance in just two days. Just know that there are people out there that admire you for what you do, and you'll make us proud of you no matter what.

    Sorry to sound like a big sister, and for the book/comment.... ;-)

  2. You have come so far... trust your training. Great job on the abs...i've been doing a lot more core work, but need to be more consistent! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Lindsay, you are an inspiration to us all. I will echo Terri's comments. You are fast and strong. And I envy where you are with your running. Oh, and you are the reason I got back to consistently doing my ab work.

    You are going to do great.

  4. You are so right about ab work. I need to get to town on this. I did my first plank yesterday in forever and could barely hold 1 min. What is your typical ab workout?

  5. you HAVE put in all the hard work and made it through a really tough training program. you are going to do AMAZING! stay confident and get excited!!!

    thanks for the reminder on the abs too... i always start them but get lazy after a couple weeks. i need to make them a habit!

  6. I'm sure it's in here somewhere, but what's your goal for the upcoming half? A new PR, or something specific?

    I just looked over at your half times over the past couple of years and alls I have to say is...dang. Low 1:40's - ver consistent.

    If I was a bettin' man, I'd say this is the race where you PR with a time of = 1:3X:XX

    Just fill in the X's.

  7. marci-for abs, i rotate between 3 workouts, picking whatever i feel like doing at the time. i say i'll be more routine about it and do them all, but for now - anything is an improvement. my 3 workouts are:
    1) 300 various crunches (the most common, cause i can pick any types of abs to do) and i usually throw in a few back extensions/exercises after each 100 crunches.
    2) planks - regular, left-side, regular, right-side, regular. 1 minute in each position. i suck at these and am considering dropping back a few seconds and adding a few more side planks.
    3) a stability ball workout i got from runner's world.
    - squats (2x15)
    - pushups (2x15)
    - lunges (2x15)
    - sit-ups (2x15)
    - back extension (2x15)
    - oblique twists (2x15)
    i've been lazy about doing the ball workout... even though it's probably the easiest to do.