Friday, December 12, 2008

dropping fast

i wimped out today and cut my run short.

when i packed my bag at lunch for my post-work run, i was counting on it being 50 degrees, and only packed shorts and a short-sleeved technical shirt. when i left work at 4:30, it was indeed 50 degrees, with 15mph winds, and the temperature was dropping fast.

it was cold.

my body never really warmed up and i attribute this to being under-dressed. the temp dropped very quickly to 43 ("feels like 37") and i was miserable. had i brought long sleeves, i probably would've been fine...

after a 1 mile warm up, i strode off into rep #1. about 3 steps into it, my left shoe came untied, but i ignored it for the entire 800m and re-tied it when i was done. it was so hard to breathe. i know this was because of the cold temperature and my lack-of-clothing on my back/chest, and i paid for it tonight. in each rep i was struggling to inhale; i wasn't getting enough oxygen.

i continued to push out repeats, but i didn't get in as many as i had planned. :( bummer. i'm just not as hardcore as all of you who stuck it out and completed your track work this week! my left shoe came untied again in rep 3, but not until the last turn at least. i was wearing the same shoes i ran the atlanta marathon in (saucony grid type a2), and they re-blistered my right pinky toe.

my lungs and airways never opened up, and i actually got pretty mucus-y (tmi? sorry). it's so nice to feel like you are choking on your saliva and all. my legs felt great though, and i am happy for that. i could definitely feel weakness in my core and upper body, and hopefully that will help remind/motivate me to crunch, pushup, dip, etc more.

on a side note, i slammed my knee into the shower door post-run when i was hopping in to clean up for dinner. that should be great for tomorrow's 20k! at least it's a guaranteed pr ( first 20k) and i wasn't planning on racing it anyway. it's a touch sore but not bothering me, and i'm sure it's fine.

1x800 - 3:11, 185
2x800 - 3:11, 175
3x800 - 3:11, 179
4x800 - 3:17, 180
5x800 - 3:14, 179
6x800 - 3:16, 177

pm run - 6 miles (incl. 6x800 w/ 400 jogs), 50:53 (8:29 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/192)

good luck to those racing this weekend!
john (the long run) - rocket city marathon
kevin (5ks and cabernets) - white rock marathon
jess (seejessrun) - white rock marathon
d10 (justrunning for fun) - thunder road marathon
laura (absolut(ly) fit) - honolulu marathon
(and anyone else i forgot!)


  1. wow, that's a strong workout, even without the wind!!

    (I loved your race resume idea so I posted my own.. thanks for the idea!)

  2. You're still hardcore, Lindsay! Especially with that workout :)

    Did you see the RW article about how to tie your shoelaces? I can't believe how complicated they made that process!

  3. yeah, i would not have run in that degree temps with just short sleeves, that's asking to get sick.

    I still think you are hardcore!