Sunday, December 14, 2008

goofy training week 14

recap of training week 14 (12/08-12/14):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.45 easy, 51:24, 133
tue - 8.4 tempo, 1:08:10, 164
wed - 7 easy, 1:04:50, 146
thu - off (swapped with friday)
fri - 6 (6x800), 50:53, 167
sat - 13.2 "race", 1:58:26, 175
sun - unscheduled off

mileage total - a lowly 40.05

tuesday's tempo was a little slower than preferred but decent for just over a week after a marathon i suppose. (or maybe i'm just still using that as an excuse?) this week's 800's went well but i called it off early because i was freezing. saturday's race wasn't really raced, but it made for some good hillwork.

i took sunday off because my resting heart rate (rhr) has been 10 points higher than normal. typically i check it in the morning before getting out of bed, and it hangs out in the mid-upper 40's. this week it was in the upper-50's and trying to go higher. i'm not an expert on all the heartrate monitoring stuff but i think i've read that an increase in your rhr can be hinting towards an oncoming cold or the overworking of your body, neither of which i need right now. so i didn't do my 2nd long run of the week, and i felt a little guilty but it was kind of nice to just relax all day. i have some hard workouts coming up this week and hopefully a little extra rest will pay off all around.

only one month to go until the 'goofy challenge'!


  1. I just realized just ow much you will be running for the 'goofy challenge!' I think it is awesome that you are going to run 13.1 and 26.2 back to back!

  2. 40 miles is not lowly! And RHR in the 40s? WOW.

  3. i'm not sure my heart rate has ever been that low... if it was, i'd be worried! LOL I have a naturally high heart rate, so i'm always in awe looking at your AHR and MHR. Hope you had a good rest day.

  4. Good idea to rest up - I hope your HR is back to normal soon.

  5. Lindsay, I'd say you earned a day off, without a doubt. You're pretty amazing at how much you run on a regular basis. Hope you're not getting sick!