Monday, December 22, 2008

goofy training week 15

recap of training week 15 (12/15-12/21):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 7 easy, 1:03:34, 149
tue - 11.75 (7xmile), 1:37:33, 171
wed - 7 easy, 1:05:50, 150
thu - off (swapped with friday, again)
fri - 8 tempo, 1:01:32, 176
sat - 9 easy, 1:27:17, 158
sun - 20 progressive, 2:48:56, 161

mileage total - 62.75 (finally, a new record high)

the easy runs felt junky this week but that's ok as long as i can have quality hard(er) runs. the weather was extra nice all week. i can't believe i complained about the 60/70 degrees, as it was 21 degrees when i woke up this morning. (i'm sorry mr. warm front! please come back.) this was my last tough/high-mileage week before goofy and i hope i don't go nuts with the reduced mileage. the excessive christmas cookies aren't going to help much either!


  1. Holy crap that's a lotta mileage. Which plan are you doing? And what
    s your time goal for the upcoming marathon?

  2. Ive neverrrrrrrr run that many miles in one week, never. How fast do you plan to run the marathon?

  3. You ran some serious mileage this week. You are going to rock goofy.

  4. I'm loathe to give up my junk miles. I heart junk miles :)

  5. I have barely run that many KILOMETRES in a week. Awesome.

  6. burger - i pretty much made up my own. if i remember back to august correctly, it was probably based on one of hal higdon's advanced plans? just tried to do excessive long runs in preparation for goofy since it's a half and full back-to-back. i'm thinking about trying a pfitz or daniels program for '09, and also considering getting a coach. (but part of me wants to reach my goals "all by myself")

    kevin - i'm planning on racing the half hard, hopefully a 1:35-1:38, and i'm not too sure how perky i'll feel the next day for the full. hopefully under 4 hours, but i won't be too disappointed as long as the half goes well.