Monday, December 29, 2008

goofy training week 16

recap of training week 16 (12/22-12/28):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.4 easy, 50:32, 147
tue - off, family emergency
wed - 6 tempo, 47:08, 176
thu - 8 easy, 1:10:58, 159
fri - off, effects of a rough week
sat - 8 easy, 1:12:59, 152
sun - off, laziness

mileage total - 27.4 (wow do i really have to count this week?)

seems like i hardly ran. less than 30 miles? i ran more miles last weekend than i did this entire week. ahh well, life happens. while i love running, there are just some things it can't replace, like time with friends and family.


  1. that's looks like a great week to me! you had an emotional roller coaster ride of a week! you've put in the miles and the hours... you're gonna do great!

  2. Exactly - "life happens".

    Now your mileage is looking more like what I can do ;)

    For the treadmill - is this the first time you'd run on this treadmill? We have different mills in the gym, & 6.7mph on one machine feels different from that same setting on another.

  3. Lindsay-I think a couple of us may try to hook up at the expo if you're interested in meeting up. We don't have a day or time set yet-but if you're interested, let me know and I'll shoot ya the info when we have it.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think you did great for the week, all things considered.

  5. That's a great week! I just realized I've been forgetting to tally my miles each week. Oops.

  6. joyrun yeah this was my first time on this treadmill (a christmas present!) and i'm totally siding with you, and others, who have said it's probably just not calibrated right. too bad they can't just be dependable!