Monday, December 29, 2008

hamster, day 1

i must first give a huge thank you to all you wonderful folks for your kind messages, (virtual) hugs, and thoughts over the past week. it's been tough mentally and emotionally, but i am so thankful that i don't have more to be upset about. it was a very special Christmas for us, and i hope my greatfulness doesn't wear off as life returns to "normal". i hope you were all able to enjoy the holidays and time with your friends/family as much as i did.

today's run
i hopped on my new (to me) treadmill this afternoon after work for a run. i assumed i had my regularly-scheduled monday 5, and since i missed my last long run of the training period yesterday i figured i'd do more than 5. turns out i only had to do 4 miles today, although i only "overdid it" with 6.8 miles.

well, i'm recording 6.8 miles for the day anyway. that's rounded down from what my nike+ said i did, which is usually off a little itself. i figure i usually get in about 7 miles/hour on an easy day, so i got on the treadmill and started cranking the speed up. when i got to 6.7 "mph" i decided to leave it there to warmup a bit, plus it kinda felt hard already. anyone else have this problem? my hr was creeping into tempo-run zone, and it felt kind of quick to me. i dropped the speed down to 6.5 after about 12 minutes, and when it still felt too fast/hard at 20 minutes (for an easy run) i dropped down to 6.0.

what a mental beating. the treadmill was telling me i was running 10 min miles and i felt like i was sprinting. ok, not quite sprinting, but it certainly wasn't easy-feeling and my hr was skyrocketing (for an easy run). i hamstered for an hour and hopped off. the treadmill said i had done 6.5, nike+ said 6.86... so i pick that one. my average and max hr's were comparable to my last 20-miler (avg pace 8:26) and an 8-mile tempo run earlier in the month (avg pace 8:06).

anyway, so i'm a little beat up about the treadmill telling me i'm slower than i thought i was. my dad and j told me it's probably just not calibrated right and to use my own measuring system. a little annoying, but easy enough to fix i guess. lets just hope i wasn't really sprinting to maintain 10min/miles.

pm run: 6.8 miles, 1:00:45 (avg pace 8:56), avg/max hr (166/183)

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  1. Your dad was probably right about it not being calibrated correctly. Although of course there are days for me when running more than 1.5 miles makes me feel like I'm going to fall over and collapse. I think that experience means you're human.

    (Good, i was beginning to wonder if you were the bionic woman of running! ha ha ha)