Monday, December 15, 2008

i hate cookies

i will probably definitely retract that statement tomorrow once i have detoxed from the 90 dozen cookies eaten in the past two days, but for today, i am not too fond of them.

today was 'goodie day' at work, and of course everyone, including me, brought in delicious baked goods. yesterday afternoon j and i whipped up a batch of chocolate chip and sugar cookies. i sneaked some of the dough while we waited on the trays in the oven, and i only had maybe 4 cookies, but i still got a "sugar stomach ache" and was full enough to not eat dinner last night. (nutritious, i know). surprisingly, there were plenty of cookies left to fill the tin to bring in and share with my figure-conscious co-workers today.

utilizing my complete lack of self control, i couldn't resist going over to the spread of food and essentially pigging out all day long. i wasn't hungry, and i definitely didn't want chocolate/sugar, but i kept walking over there and snagging a cookie. i hate when i do this! i know i'm not craving it and i know i won't truly enjoy it, but i eat it anyway. i felt so fat all day long, and taking yesterday off didn't help much either.

running wise - on schedule for today was an easy 5-miler, but since i didn't run yesterday i was really planning on 6, and since i was little miss piggy today i was aiming for 6.5. turns out i did 7, whoops. i'm certainly not complaining; i needed the calorie burn. the first few miles were crap and i felt soo junky, but i knew i had set myself up for it with my cookie addiction. the temp was amazing for mid-december (56) and i stretched out my legs fairly decently afterwards, and threw in a few abs. at least i'm feeling a little better about my sugar habit earlier.

my right inner-ish quad was sore all day and i can't think of why. i freakin took yesterday off, how did i possibly tweak it while sitting around the house? maybe i mopped the kitchen floor too intensely... anyway i often read about some of you folks "rolling" and/or using "the stick". i know next to nothing about all that but i assume it's not rocket-science and figured my rolling pin would substitute just fine. it felt good and i was able to put gentle, yet hard pressure on the sore part, but who knows if i was doing it right.

this morning my rhr was 53, which is an improvement but still not back to "normal" so hopefully skipping my longer-long run was the right move.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:03:34 (9:04 avg pace), avg/max hr (149/184)


  1. I had a similar experience with a holiday party last night. I drank way too much bourbon and white wine. I was a wee bit hungover this morning, but after the first mile, my 6 mile run went quite well. I felt great the rest of the day. I've always said there's not better cure for a hangover than a good run.

  2. lol. too funny about the cookies. glad you had a good run afterwards :)

  3. I'm the same dayum way with cookies. Someone sent us a box, & we're almost through ALL of them. Sad.

    LOL about the rolling pin!

    This is the one I got from Target (it even came with a DVD), just in case:

  4. cookies are the devil! i hope you are all much more controlled than me.

    luckily, i'm pretty good at resisting alcohol - unless there's chocolate involved of course. (big surprise there. chocotini anyone?) but when i was in college i would run off a long night-out on the town the next morning. nothing too early of course! thanks for the official rolling device - i will have to check it out (i definitely did not know what i was doing!) :)

  5. Cookie dough is the worst! It's so yummy, but by taking little bits, it's so hard to tell how much you eat. It's not until a hour later when you want to throw up that you regret that last finger full.

  6. oh man..i know i have a box of cookies coming my way care of Mom...

  7. "I wasn't hungry, and i definitely didn't want chocolate/sugar, but i kept walking over there and snagging a cookie." I am the same way. I don't know why but I can't resist.

    I start my baking tonight! Hopefully, I'll have some self discipline.

  8. I hear you on the cookies. There seem to be goodies everywhere I look this month and when I don't resist, I feel like utter crap.

    Nice job on the run - you worked off some of the cookies for sure!

  9. cookies and wine are my undoing...thanks for the nice comments on my blog, by the way....

  10. my friend uses a pin roller too :) hey it gets the job done! i have both the stick and a foam roller and LOVE them both.