Wednesday, December 10, 2008

just plain lost

today's weather: pouring all day with a mix of thunderstorms and tornadoes, but temp's in the lower 60's! :o)

it was still raining when i left work but it had eased up a good bit and i went out for my run. i had planned a new route before leaving work and tattooed (permanent-markered) the directions on my forearm. i've been getting a little tired of the same old same old and wanted to explore some new territory. let's just say that trying to navigate a new route in the dark, rain and fog is not exactly the easiest, and i got lost.

well, i wasn't lost lost. i know the area roads well enough to get back on any of them but i had ended up at the end of a neighborhood and didn't want to venture down a 2-lane road with no shoulder in the dark, rain and fog. (the scdot must pride themselves on making no-shoulder roadways, seems that's all we have here). i didn't get my full exploration in, nor did i really gain any familiarity with the new (to me) roads, but i did get in my mileage and find my way back. next time, perhaps.

once home, i stretched for a few minutes (still room for improvement but progress is being made), did some abs and even some pushups. my left arm has felt fine while running the past two days and it didn't give me any trouble with the pushups. j massaged it a bit monday and tuesday nights, and i could definitely feel some knots/pressure points so i'm hoping that has helped. i'm still planning to see the chiro friday/this weekend as well.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:04:50 (9:15 avg pace), avg/max hr (146/183)


  1. Ha, glad to know I'm not the only one who writes new running routes on her arm!

  2. glad to hear the arm is better than the other day... and great job on the run. I have to contend with ice, you with tornados... hmmm, not sure which is worse! LOL

  3. Smart idea to write the directions on your arm! You are pretty adventurous for testing out a new route in the dark.

    The warmer weather felt nice yesterday. Glad you arm is feeling better.

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment!

    I have never thought of writing a route on my arm... good idea! I tend to get lost easily. ;-)

  5. Great job getting the mileage in on no-shoulder unfamiliar roads. It never occurred to me to write the directions on my arm - makes total sense!

  6. ohhh good idea on writing the route on your arm... i will have to remember that!

    great job on the run!