Monday, December 1, 2008

just a touch of soreness left

it seemed no matter which direction i ran tonight the (cold) wind was blowing into my face - not exactly my cup of tea. at any rate, got in an easy 5(.3) tonight after work. last night i said i would run in the morning but when the alarm went off at 5:00 i knew there was no way i was getting up. i haven't been too good lately about leaving my warm bed for the cold, dark outside and i need to get back in the habit. the run was easy, but i could feel a little twinge in my quads still and my asthma was acting up from the chilly air. hopefully keeping all of my runs this week at an easy pace (~150 hr) will allow me to get in my mileage without overdoing it and still give my legs a chance to (actively) rest.

with running in general, i'm in a really cool place right now. my legs were itching to run all day at work as i shuffled through all the race pics on marathonfoto. they're feeling good considering i ran a marathon (and pr'd by almost 17 minutes) just 4 days ago. i'm looking forward to my 15-miler this weekend and just running/training/getting faster in general. in the past i've gotten burnt out, lazy, or let other things come between me and running, but i've been going strong for 4 months now and can't see that going away anytime soon. thankfully, i have not had any sidelining injuries, and will hopefully keep it that way. i've been a lot smarter at pulling back and taking it easy as necessary, although compared to my usual mentality anything is an improvement. (...i've ran through an ingrown toenail + surgery and getting my foot run over by a car for example). i'm just feeling really good about running and working towards my (lofty) goals for '09 and '10. i mean, i've had my training for 2009 all planned out since september...

pm run: 5.3 miles, 48:43 (9:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (149/169)

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  1. foot run over by a car?? And you ran through that! No wonder you're running so easily 4 days after an amazing marathon! You're a tough chickie! LOL mornings are so hard this time of year....