Monday, December 8, 2008

nauseous and numb

i had another bout of nausea today after work and before my run while driving over to the gym. it subsided enough for me to stick it out although i still felt a little off, and i headed off for my run as j went in to lift weights. for whatever reason i get nauseous/light-headed/dizzy sometimes, usually in the car, and i think it's because of j's crazy driving but he claims he is a perfect driver.

anyway it didn't give me any trouble during my run, but my left arm/hand went numb around 3.5 miles. very weird. it was about 44 degrees out so i know it wasn't from the cold. i stopped and took my watch/hrm off, in case maybe it was too tight (although i could still move it around so i didn't think that was it) and got a shot of numbing-pain from my elbow to my hand. it wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable, and the fact that my arm & hand were numb wasn't a very comforting thought either. i put my watch back on loosely and headed back to meet j. i periodically shook my arm out, squeezed my hand, and tried cracking/popping my elbow but the numbness didn't go away. i'm great at thinking worst-case scenario and while i finished out the run i worried about having to have elbow surgery and not being able to run. (talk about jumping to conclusions.)

initially i thought it was originating from my elbow - i pressed on a spot sort of in-between my elbow bones and felt some 'numbness'/tingly-ness. (man this is hard to describe elbow parts and numb sensations, but i hope i'm not losing you). i called my mom, a former nurse, and she said maybe it was from the repetitive motion of running, kind of like tennis elbow, but otherwise wasn't sure. a few hours later, it's still numb, and kind of feels like it's coming from my shoulder. i'm thinking i should get a little massage tonight to try to work out any kinks (hint hint j) and then it'll be all better. ;-) i'll go see the chiropractor later this week if it's still bothering me, i should go anyway since i haven't been since a couple days before the atlanta marathon.

pm run: 5.45 miles, 51:24 (9:25 avg pace), avg/max hr (133/173)


  1. As i was reading your symptoms, I was thinking the same thing as your mom, that it sounds a bit like the numbness I know some people get from repetitive stress, but I would still mention that to a doctor, and the nauseau too. Let us know what you find out, Lindsay.

    Maybe you should give your body a bit of a rest?

  2. hopefully the massage will help... but hopefully it goes away soon... i'm great at thinking worst-case scenario too :)

  3. I hope the numbness goes away, pretty weird. Were your arms tense when you were running? I would get it checked out to be safe. I am like you, I always think the worst.

  4. The chiropractor's a good idea. I had weirdness along my left arm through most of my running last year, but it seems to have gone away (I've been seeing the chiro semi-regularly).

    About the nausea/dizzy, maybe a full check up with a primary care physician? It could be a huge number of things (my hub's dizzy issues ended up being from chronic sinus infection affecting his inner ear).

    Good luck!