Friday, December 5, 2008

no trees, no dogs, no darkness

i had the day off from work today and was able to get in a good little run in the daylight. i made the mistake of heading out shortly before elementary school lets out though, and had to dodge the minivan mamas* on the way back. apparently 50 parents like to park in the neighborhood across from my neighborhood and wait for the kids to get out. (the school is in between the two 'hoods). makes sense, i sure wouldn't want to wait in the never-ending snaky line at the school pick-up either.

anyway, i thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, seeing the road (and trees) in front of me, and wearing a t-shirt and shorts in december. (south carolina, i don't hate you when you keep it mild. we do need to discuss these recent 27 degree mornings however.)

since i had daylight on my side, i explored a new (to me) neighborhood today, which is also newly accessible now that they did some road construction and added a sidewalk. it's a pretty busy 2 lane road with not much of a shoulder so i didn't like running that direction before. there were 2 decent hills in the neighborhood that i can do hill repeats on if i ever make myself do them, but otherwise it wasn't too exciting.

i still need to force myself to stretch after running. i've gotten slightly better, as i now stretch once or twice a week, but i'm running 6 days a week so i'm still failing quite miserably. i just don't know how to make myself sit down and just do it. it's not even hard, especially compared to all the running.

alright on a completely unrelated note - i'm watching the grinch on abc and this publix commercial was just on. the one where the doctor guy is ending his shift on christmas eve/day and is heading home to spend the day alone 'cause all his family is at his parents, but really they are all busy getting ready at his place so he can spend the holiday with them too. anyway, i'm a loser. i teared up.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:01:32 (8:47 avg pace), avg/max hr (153/189)

*no offense to the minivan-driving mothers out there. i'm not a mother but i did drive a chevy astro van in high school, the epitome of coolness.


  1. sounds like a great run, i'm so happy my son walks just down the street about 3 minutes to school... so i don't have to deal with other minivan mamas :) LOL Have a great wknd.

  2. No shame in tearing up! That's what all these holiday commercials are designed to do - make you break out the sniffle.

    I got better with stretching after my chiro showed me how pathetically tight my muscles were, AND how much less aches/pains I went through when I was good about it.

  3. I was really good about stretching during the summer, but not now. Now that the temps have dropped, I just want to get inside my nice warm house after my night runs. Once I'm inside there are too many distractions. I know my muscles are tight and need to.

  4. How do you do all that running, and no cross training and not have your legs fall apart on you? I don't know that my legs could handle it!