Sunday, December 7, 2008

a plan for joyrun

sorry in advance, but i couldn't figure out how to send this to you any other way... after reading your plans and goals i put together a training plan for you to see if you'd like it. i don't know too much about your training history or when you wanted to start officially training again, so we can definitely tweak this to make it fit better, but based off your half and full marathon times i came up with some goal paces for the runs. please let me know if you have any questions or comments. i hope it's not too 'intense' or confusing and that maybe you even like it a little!

(click to actually be able to read it, sorry about that)

(this is also obviously planning for the full marathon at ocean drive, but the long-run mileage could be easily changed to accommodate running the 10-miler instead.)

other notes: recovery for track work is half the distance (ie 400m jog after an 800). warm up/cool down is included in thursday's mileage (ie for week 13 - warm up 1 mile, 3x800, cool down .5 mile). you can, of course, increase the distance of your warm up and cool down if you'd like.

hope you find it helpful, please don't hesitate to modify it to meet your needs (switching days around, etc), and if you want the excel version i'll be happy to email it to you!


  1. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You totally made my day :)

    Thank you!!!

  2. wow you put together a plan for her, that's friggin awesome!