Tuesday, December 16, 2008

practicing my hammer throw

today i was a professional runner, sort of. i took off work early in order to hit the track and complete my 7xmile repeats before the sun went down, so essentially i was running and getting paid for it. (had to use a couple hours of my time off but still, i was getting paid. i'm lucky my boss is cool enough to let me take the afternoon off to go running!)

anyway, being able to do this workout in the daylight really helped with my mentality. i actually kind of looked forward to it all day. my shoes stayed tied, i had no bathroom emergencies, and i exceeded my goals for the day.

i forgot to check my schedule so i wasn't too sure how many and what pace i needed to hit, but i was pretty sure i was supposed to do 7xmile. i figured i'd aim for about a 6:55 for the first two, and then 6:50 for the next two, 6:45 for miles 5 and 6, and then go for broke on the last repeat.

1xmile - 6:55, 177
2xmile - 6:51, 183
3xmile - 6:48, 182
4xmile - 6:47, 182
5xmile - 6:45, 183
6xmile - 6:37, 185
7xmile - 6:30, 185

mile 1 was dead on. i felt decent throughout and my hr dropped quickly back to the 150's during my recovery jog. my breathing was easy (the 63 degree weather probably helped a lot with that) and legs felt good. i felt pretty solid throughout each mile, easily found the pace, kept recovering quickly, and didn't really ever start to feel tired. since i was ahead of my 'plan' most of the time anyway, i decided to attempt "throwing the hammer down" for the last two repeats instead of just the final one. i figured since i didn't have anything to give at the end of atlanta, i ought to practice. the 6:37 and 6:30 miles were the 10th and 11th miles of the workout, so i'm pretty content with the hammer-throwing effort.

for whatever reason, i got trans siberian orchestra's "carol of the bells" in my head during #6. it's pretty up tempo so i ran with it. (har har.) i did sing the tune in my head though, out of order and dragging some sections out so that i could get to the finale build-up section as i rounded the last curve of the track. (if you watch the video linked above it's the part around 4:51.) random, and probably dorky, but it motivated me to pick it up and bring it home. it worked so well in #6 i did it in #7 too. i don't think i could run off the song for an entire race as it got a little old, but it did the job for today.

pm run: 11.75 miles (incl. 7xmile with 800m jogs), 1:37:33 (8:18 avg pace), avg/max hr (171/193)


  1. So, what's your goal for the half? Are you going to try to PR or will you take it easy since you're running a full the next day? Think we'll be in the same corral? I listed 1:45 as my projected finish time.

  2. I also have some trans-siberian orchestra on my mp3 player, and it caused me to mess up my run by going to hard at the beginning... well not really mess up my run, but they really pump you up to run hard!

  3. Awesome speed. You could probably easily hold 7:15s the entire half, maybe faster....

  4. That's quite a workout! Your boss is great for letting you take time off.

  5. I second Kaolee - 7 one-milers at that pace is just amazing. I couldn't do 1 that fast, and I am completely serious!

  6. I echo what everyone else said.. I think I could barely manage ONE mile at 6:30, let alone at the end of a series! Great job!!

  7. WOW! you are my running hero.! Sounds like a tough workout, but you rocked it! Thanks for the vote and the kind words :)

  8. Hey, Lindsay, thanks for stopping by. You certainly nailed those miles.

    I took my wife to see TSO a few weeks back. I can see how that song would push you through a workout. Have you seen TSO live?

  9. Dang, you're one fast chick. Great workout. Jealous.

  10. Awesome job. You really rocked the last two repeats. That is really cool about your boss.

  11. I would love to take an afternoon off work to run! I'm really looking forward to having the next two weeks off to take advantage of some daylight. I just don't have much bounce in my step in the dark.

    Awesome splits!

  12. Those are great mile splits! I don't remember the last time I did a mile repeat workout.

  13. wow AWESOME job on the run... those are some speedy miles :)

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  15. brian - i am going for a pr! it seems like the common goofy plan is to conserve as much as possible for the full, but i kinda feel like what's the point, gonna be tired anyway. i'd really like a 1:35 or better, but anything sub-1:40 would be a pr. i can't remember what i filled out (hopefully i put something?) but as long as i did, i probably projected a 1:40?
    kevin - thanks! i like the way you think! that would definitely be ideal...
    darrell - haven't seen tso live, although they were in the area not long ago. i couldn't part with the $100 ticket price :( they sound pretty awesome in my made-up version in my head though. :) hope they will come back to town again and i'll get to go in the future.
    all you other wonderful ladies and gents - thank you for the kind words. it felt great to have a solid workout (esp on an intimidating track day) and your compliments are an additional confidence boost. keep running strong through the holidays!

  16. Love the new layout!

    Geez - that is one hard-core workout. My HR would've been a LOT faster than that with that pacing.