Wednesday, December 3, 2008

running with buddy

this is buddy
(my mom likes to make him wear bandanas)

buddy is a cute dog and all, full of energy and spunk, but lord is he annoying. he's locked up in his crate all day when i'm at work so i felt bad when i got home this afternoon and needed to go for my run. i didn't want to make him hang out in his crate for another hour.

i should've just hardened up and left him in there and gotten my run in alone, but no, i had a soft spot and took him with me.

first of all, he has the need to sniff and/or pee on every leaf, twig, mail box, sign post, tree... you name it, he sniffs it and pees on it. this really helped with our splits. i tried telling him that but he just wouldn't listen.

then he yanks on the leash whenever he feels like it because he sees or hears or smells something that he has to chase after and is, of course, in some direction other than the one i am trying to go. he also likes to stop in his tracks, directly in front of me, which i swear will one day cause me severe injury.

in the middle of the run he puts on his show and starts to slow down as if he is tired, but i know he is not because he's done this to me before and i have to pull on the leash and give him some words of encouragement to keep going. it's all an act because once you hit the homestretch (or see someone else with a dog) he takes off full sprint.

meanwhile i'm just trying to run, but my form is suffering because i have to continually pull on the leash and jump over the dog, and it just gets a little irritating.

six miles later we arrive back at the house and i wasn't in a bad mood towards him and his funky running so i gave him a few dog treats with his dinner. i heated up my dinner (leftovers), scooped out my protein powder and mix it with water, and sat down in the living room to eat. i got up for 2 seconds to take out my contacts, i went out of my way to put my food on top of the tv armoir to ensure he can't reach it, but left my protein glass on the floor by my chair.

i'm back in the bathroom taking out my contacts and i notice he didn't follow me back (he usually tails you wherever you go), that dog better not be doing what i think he's doing! of course i come running back out only to find him lapping up my protein. seriously?!? ok now i'm ticked. he didn't drink it all but i'm not really into dogs mouths/tongues, and i'm pretty grossed out about having to drink the other half of it after him.

i gave him a smack on the butt and the nose (sorry peta, but i was mad) and called him a bad dog about 5 times. at least he will recover well from the run after drinking half my protein. (and he sure better not get diarrhea from it tonight!)

pm run: 6 miles w/ the dog, 57:03 (including sniff and pee breaks, avg pace 9:30), avg/max hr (140/173)

eating my bojangles cinnamon biscuits
(when i dog-sat back in the spring)


  1. i've always wanted to have a dog to run with.. now i may wait a lot longer LOL! :D

  2. That little troublemaker's a cutie!

    How's your eye from the tree collision?

  3. I had to smile this whole post! I tried to run with my dog a few times, but he always takes a poop and the beginning and I am stuck carrying a smelly bag. After that he is fine.

    Hope the protein drink didn't upset his stomach. Very cute dog.

  4. Buddy is absolutely adorable, and I can't believe he ran that fast!! Have you ever read Penny's blog at She has a dog Velcro who stops all over the place too, and gets grumpy if she misses her run with her "mom."! (I think she's at least part German Shepherd though).

  5. i thought i wanted a dog to run with too since i can rarely find someone to run with regularly, but i know i don't have enough time to spend with a dog since i'm gone 9-10 hours/day for work. it's a long day for a dog to be in a crate and his cuteness sure adds to the guilt!

    he loves to bolt for the door and sprints all around the backyard so i think he's more of a sprinter than a marathoner but he has stuck with me for 7 miles. he loves running but with his limp i try not to take him every time.

    in the bathroom department, luckily there are a few places that are not-someone's-yard and usually i try to coax him to do his business there. maybe now that it's cold holding the warm (mmm) bag wouldn't be so bad though. (ok, sorry for that mental image)

    ps terri, thanks for the new blog!