Saturday, December 20, 2008

somedays i wish i ran 5k's

like today, for example. i had a severe case of negative/i-want-to-quit-thoughts running through my head for the entire 90 minutes of my shorter-long run for the week. i've been trying to think more positively in general, thanks to some motivation from terri at middle-of-the-pack girl. today i didn't do such a great job.

on second thought, i guess i take it back. i don't really want to just train for 5k's. i'd probably be just as whiny if i had to do track work 3-4 days a week.

from the beginning of the run, my legs were heavy and giving me a hard time. the hills in the first mile didn't help too much at keeping my hr in the 'easy' zone, and i just felt pretty junky overall. i fought off thoughts of turning around and quitting, or calling j to come pick me up in the first 3-4 miles. it was a slow run, and i even let myself walk a little. i did end up ditching the last mile and had j pick me up. i'm already overshooting my mileage for the week, and i want to make sure i get in my last pre-disney 20-mile training run tomorrow.

i ran to the airport again today, and took my phone along to take some (grainy and pixely) photos. they're not the best, but i figure some pictures would be more interesting than my babbles. it would probably be in my best interest to not run with a cell phone again though, too easy to call for a ride home. :)

i just thought the sun looked cool here

down this nice hill, up that not-as-nice hill to hit mile #1

my favorite road to run on

the no-shoulder road
but you can run in the ditch which is full of who-knows-what

another hill, also on the no-shoulder road where cars also like to come flying down
(it's supposedly 30mph though)

fountain at the airport

see, huge airport
just like lax or lga

crappy picture, but this is the roller coaster road
j met me a little ways down this road and chauffeured me home

am run: 9 miles, 1:27:17 (9:41 avg pace), avg/max hr (158/178)


  1. I think carrying a cell phone would make it far too easy for me to call it quits early. Way to hang in there as long as you did.

    Goood luck on the 20-miler!

  2. Thanks for sharing your route. I always enjoy pictures, however I always forget to take them. Hope the 20 miler goes well.

  3. You got it done and that's what counts! You were probably still tired from your awesome track tempo run the other day.

  4. Nice pictures! I love the variety of the rolling hills. Gorgeous scenery too.

    Way to push through a tough run, you did great. :)

  5. great pics! I love seeing where other people run! good luck on the 20 miler! :)

  6. Thanks for the photo tour :)

    I always carry my phone - more for photo ops & just in case. I've never really been tempted to call for a ride.