Wednesday, December 17, 2008

they can't all be great

after yesterday's tough mile repeats i wasn't expecting much today from my easy/recovery run, but sheesh i don't think i could've felt worse.

i got in 7 miles today on the same route i did monday except my nike+ told me it was a shorter distance this time (??wtf nike??). maybe monday's run was better because of all those cookies i ate... riiiight. my legs were dead and heavy the whole time it seemed. usually after a few minutes they perk up at least a little bit, but today was completely a slog-along kind of day. i guess i can't blame them, they did work hard for me yesterday. (but come on legs, my lungs are coping just fine and they've been working pretty darn hard too. let's get with the program here!)

tonight's run also featured a return of the grumbling, upset stomach, which obviously made for a less-than pleasant hour of running and forced me to stop a few times. even after an emergency pit stop it still didn't get any better. it seems like i'm, um, using the facilities outdoors more often than indoors lately. everywhere i drive i can pretty much point out an emergency situation spot; no matter what i do pre-run, my digestive system is out for revenge. i could've handled the run with dead legs, the stomach/etc problems just really did me in.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:05:50 (9:24 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/187)

on an unrelated note... anyone happen to know why when i make a post on here, it doesn't show up in google reader for hours (like 5-6 hrs) later?


  1. Hey, I like the new look!!! Nice job!

    I don't know about the google reader thing, I will have to check my own account next time I post something (I have my own account so I can see when I get new readers, that's always cool. I'm a dork, I know.)

    I think your attitude is pretty healthy - like you said they can't all be great. i think it's the bad runs that make the good ones great.

    And thanks for the suggestion on seeing the hour long video. I definitely want to watch it. Picked up the book tonight, can't wait to start it tomorrow. got to get up around 4 or 4:30 tomorrow to get my run in, and get to work on time - the commute is a bitch in crap weather like we have in the northeast.

  2. thanks - it's currently a work-in-progress but hopefully i'll get most of the major re-loading of widgets done soon. i know i've heard a million times about the faux pas of white font on black background but i went with it anyway in my old design... so i'm trying to fix it and look a little more grown up as well. :)

  3. The new look, looks great. I agree running when tired is one thing, but running when you stomach is off is just plain awful.

    Hope things settle down soon.

  4. I also like the new layout!

    I find it amazing how the legs will coast along one day and seem to have weights attached the next. Good job getting through it.

    (I also know where all of the emergency washrooms are!)

  5. ohhh i like the new look!!

    i HATE those emergency stops! i found that doing my runs in the morning helped and i didnt have to stop like i would doing my runs in the evening.

    i totally know that sluggish feeling too but thats what those easy/recovery runs are for to work out the kinks after those hard workouts. you are doing a great job!

  6. Love the new look! I always say you're not a real runner until you've used the outdoor facilities and not thought twice. :o)

  7. I also had a bad run today... the funny thing is that after the run was over I felt great. hmmm..

    Luckily though, I have never had to make an emergency pit stop.. almost one time, but never yet.