Friday, January 23, 2009

an attempt at cross-training, sort of

thursday (1/22) pm run: no run, but some "cross training" for about an hour, avg/max hr (107/169)

2 x 1min of jumping jacks, burpees, high knees/butt kicks, mountain climbers, and karaoke, followed by 42 minutes of yoga.

so my legs didn't completely get the day off with those 10 minutes of hopping around but today was supposed to be a "cross-training" day and i was struggling to come up with something to do. i might have (and should have) gone for more rounds but those burpees and mountain climbers sure know how to make me feel out of shape. i managed a whopping 14 burpees in my 1 minute interval, and i kept dragging my feet on the ground instead of picking them up for the last 20 seconds (or more?) of the mountain climbers. those things are tough! i wouldn't doubt if my hr hit 169 in either of those two little workouts. (whoops, too high.)

if anyone has other suggestions for other bouncing-around moves i'll gladly take them. i had a pretty hard time coming up with those five activities alone. what do you call these kind of things anyway? drills? plyo's?

friday (1/23) afternoon run: 5.25 miles, 49:39 (9:27 avg pace), avg/max hr (148/167)

i was watching my hr intensely today to make sure it didn't get too high during the run. i felt better in general but my legs still came down with the heavy/tired feeling with about half a mile to go. i'm just glad i didn't contract any sickness or injury from disney and will gladly continue to take the next week or so easy. the weather was gorgeous today - sunny, 62*, breezy. loved it.

i was woken up this morning by my right foot getting one of those intense cramp things like i had in my calf last week. i started flexing my foot right away and it didn't become a full on cramp, but i still don't understand. i've eaten a couple bananas this week and drank plenty of water (i think anyway).

my shoulders/upper-back muscles are starting to get sore from yesterday's intense 4 minutes of upper-body movement (the beloved burpees & mtn climbers). that sounds pretty pathetic, but i will admit i have zero upper body strength 'cause i never give that region any attention.

i promised my legs awhile back that i'd take them for a massage for real after the disney races and perhaps this week of crappy running is due to some rebellion since we haven't gone yet. i'm hoping i can just call in the morning to get an appointment for the same day. i've never been for an official massage before so i have no idea what "kind" to order. i just don't want them to mash too hard and screw something up.


  1. your massage is well deserved... i definitely think you should go for it! Enjoy and relax :)

  2. I confess, I have no idea what a burpee is... for cross training, do you belong to a gym? I would suggest riding the stationary bike, but try to keep the cadence up to about 95-100 rpms if you can. That will still make you feel like you are going fast (and you will be), but will give those joints a much needed break. I think that's what your body is trying to tell you.

  3. Ohhhh, I HATE charlie horses!! At least that's what I call those horrible cramps I get in my legs and feet from time to time. I'll give you a heads up before I completely finish the book, so perhaps you can be the lucky winner this time! :-)

  4. Be careful about getting a deep tissue massage, I had one and didn't drink enough water afterwards and it made me sick. I say go for the swedish massage, it's lighter pressure. And what is a burpee?

  5. I'll second the bike comment...although it doesn't have to be a stationary bike if you've got a real bike and a good route to ride. It's hard to put a name on what you did because it's a mish mash. The jumping jacks and butt kicks would qualify with plyos...great for building speed though not necessarily the best thing for recovery weeks since their intensity in terms of impact is greater than running.

    I'll also second the water comment. Drink plenty of it after your massage. The massage will release toxins from your muscles and the idea is to flush them away.

  6. I hate burpees, but they really do make you stronger. Good job on the x-training.

  7. burpees -ugh! Double ugh with the rings - ha! Sometimes you can have them alter the pressure if it is too much with the deep tissue. The swedish generally is pretty light and amounts to more of a relaxation massage. Both are good but if you want to work out the kinks you might have to try deep tissue.

  8. sounds like you might want to check out CrossFit ... they do a lot of similar body weight moves. squats (weighted and unweighted), pull ups, push ups, etc.

    i can't say 100% that CrossFit has helped my running, but i don't think it has hurt ...