Saturday, January 10, 2009

bringing the heat

walt disney world half marathon - day 1 of the goofy challenge

5k split - 22:57
10k split - 45:15*
15k split - 1:07:36
13.1 miles - 1:34:13

183rd overall / 30th female / 5th place ag

i was hoping for a 1:35-1:38! i am so stoked. beyond stoked. a new half-pr by 6:38! (only 4:14 left to shave off in '09) ;-) huge thanks to gu for their awesome awesome roctane and saucony for their grid type a2's.

i also got to meet denise of rundmt! she is so cute and energetic, even at 4:xx in the morning. no wonder she breaks out into song on long runs. (please don't forget to email me the pic so i can upload it!) but more on everything later when i have brain power and tons of free time from 7 days of no-running. time to rest up and eat like phelps!

*a pr, can you count it as a pr if it's during a longer race?

am run: 13.1 miles, 1:34:13 (7:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (178/188)


  1. WOW GIRL!!!!!! You are on fire! Awesome job on the run today, your PR!!! *try* to get some rest for tomorrow!

  2. i was JUST thinking about you!

    OMG WOW... CONGRATS!!!!!! that is so so so amazing :) you totally killed your goal!

    have fun tomorrow and celebrate... you know by running a marathon :)

  3. Wow, way to go! That is amazing!! I was actually thinking about you this morning on my long run (10 miles that took me waaaay longer than your half marathon took you by the way:)) and wondering how it went. congrats, you are a speed demon!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking about you so many times during my run this morning, thinking, yeah, that girl has probably been done for hours now, and didn't even break a sweat!

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW, I'll be thinking about you while I shovel 8-10 inches of snow. :-)

    And yes, like Amanda, my 11 miles took longer than your half... LOL

    Have that boyfriend of yours pamper you for the next several hours!

  5. That's INCREDIBLE!!

    Congratulations - you did awesome!

    Now good luck & have fun tomorrow.

  6. DAY-UM girl - that's freakin' awesome!

    Congrats on a fantastic PR!

  7. great job woman! You are da bomb!

  8. great job! Congrats on the pr(s)!

  9. Can you feel a differance between roctane and regular caffeinated? You must have trained well. Good luck Sunday.


  10. great job lindsay, and good luck tomorrow!

    weird... my word verification is the german word for "run."

    also...i'm a total dweeb for knowing that.

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! You are so inspirational. You worked hard for that time, so congratulations! Have fun tomorrow!

  12. Fantastic job Lindsay! You are an inspiration. Rest up and good luck tomorrow.

  13. AMAZING! Good luck tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear the full race report.

  14. Holy friggin, well, you know the next word. Wow. Crazy. Unbelievable. U r the sh--it. Way to go good luck Sunday.

  15. Awesome performance Lindsay! Good luck with today's run (although I'm sure you won't need it (the luck that is....)).

  16. Wow!!!! I can't believe you kicked my butt by over four minutes after telling me you were hoping I'd pace you to a PR. Great job. You must have passed me early on. I started 14 seconds before you, but you passed 5K 47 seconds before me. I stayed with the 1:40 pace group until we entered Epcot, so when you passed them, you passed me.

  17. Wow! That's rockin'! I'm hoping for a sub-1:40 next month, but you're totally kicking my butt. You must be doing something right.


  18. AWESOME! Congrats on the HUGE PR and sure, you can count the 10K too. You rock, girl!

  19. Hey --- I just realized you just got guaranteed entry to NYCM if you want it with that half time... incredible!

    I can't believe you had such a strong PR! I've only manage to shave less than a minute off my half time since 02!!