Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dusting off my running shoes

monday (1/19): off, my new off day for awhile. we'll see how that goes.

tuesday (1/20) pm run
: 5 miles, 47:33 (9:30 avg pace), avg/max hr 152/201

ugh. not a good run. sure it was my first run post-goofy but it just didn't feel good. nothing hurt but i could tell my muscles were getting tired. it was also freakin' cold out. yeah i know it's a lot colder elsewhere but i haven't ran in 29* weather since sometime in 2007. my lungs tightened up and it was hard to breathe. i was still freezing hours later even after eating dinner, layering my fleece pajamas, and wrapping myself up in a down blanket. i. hate. winter.

i'm doing all easy runs for a few weeks and keeping an eye on my hr. the max today is screwed up, i looked down within the first quarter-mile of my run (a nice downhill) and saw "201". i think it should really be somewhere in the upper-160's from this run, which still is a bit too high for my easy zone.

wednesday (1/21) pm run: 4.4 miles, 42:06 (9:32 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/188)

my max hr spiked within the first quarter-mile so i think it's false again today. my avg is right where it needs to be though. this was also not an enjoyable run. my legs were tired and a little achey. i honestly don't think i'm doing 'too much too soon'. i took 8 whole days off completely and these are little 4-5 mile slow and easy runs. it was warmer out than yesterday, about 36*, but my lungs were still giving me trouble for most of the run. i'm hoping the crappiness lately is just a little lingering post-race effect from disney paired with taking 8 days off and losing a little fitness?

i bought 2 new pairs of running shoes today (regular/"neutral" training ones). i desperately needed them. i've been running in a pair of brooks burn 3's since mid-august for the majority of my runs, and in saucony grid type a2's on speed/tempo/race days. i replaced the saucony's shortly before disney, but the brooks' have about 500 miles on them. hopefully when those get here these crappy runs will be gone. (i was cheap and purchased online this time instead of supporting my local shop, i'm not quite made of money here. i've never really had issues with shoes so i'm hoping the new pairs won't give me any trouble.)


  1. sucks that you're getting cold weather down there too... i'm sick of winter already. could your body still be recovering from the goofy? you're very well conditioned, but i've never put my body through anything even close... I'm sure it'll get better. :)

  2. By conventional wisdom, you should take 40 days to recover from a Goofy.
    I think you're on a good schedule, though. I would have thrown in a couple of easy 2-3 milers here and there instead of taking 8 full days off, but in the end it's not going to kill you. I think if you continue to keep it easy over the next 2 weeks or so, you should be okay. You're just rusty and recovering. I'm still in a post race slump myself. I'll let you know when mine wears off and you can just multiply by three ;).

  3. Ah...nothing beats the feeling of new shoes!

  4. Smart plan to just take it easy. You have been running hard for many months, you deserve some "down" time.

    I love getting new sneakers. Did you get a pair of Brooks again. I love Brooks although I may venture and try a new brand next time.

  5. Yeah, I'm not down with winter either.

    I hope the new kicks work out well!

  6. I'm sure you'll get your groove back soon - hang in there and take it easy on yourself.

  7. I ran easy for about 2 weeks after White Rock before I had a good run. Hang in there and don't try to do anything hard yet.

  8. Take it easy, girl. You're still in recovery, so don't be too hard on yourself.

    I'm 2 months out of Philly & still with dead legs ;)

  9. I was reading your blog and I'm so impressed with the goofy. That's great! Just keep up the positive attitude you must have, and you'll get out of feeling blah in no time.

  10. yep, if your lungs are giving you trouble, it's the cold. Trust me. I know you don't get the cold like we do up north so you don't have long enough periods to get used to it and acclimated. wait until you see hte picture of what I just bought to combat this problem. I've hit a new level of dorkdom, let me tell you. ;-)

    And I'm sure those new shoes will help a lot too.