Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i'm a dork and overly excited about my first 'tagging' from terri from middle-of-the-pack-girl. seeing the random 'tags' come across the blogs brings back the days of those email questionnaires (now probably found on myspace) that i did in high school. yup, i was super cool then too. at least terri finds me fabulous, or she might just feel bad for me. either way... here are my 5 addictions, the subject of this whole tagging-business afterall.
  1. running. duh. come on now.
  2. m&m's. soy (my beloved food allergy) is found in a lot of chocolate/chocolate-related items but i can still eat (plain) m&m's! love them. can and would eat them all day.
  3. ketchup. i put it on everything. steak. chicken. ham. eggs. rice. mac 'n cheese. potatoes (no matter how prepared). grilled cheese. ok, everything except dessert.
  4. reading running blogs. such as all of yours. the first thing i do when i get to work is open up google reader. not lying. without the abundance of blogging runners and your entertaining lives i don't know how i'd get through the workday.
  5. coffee. starbucks. dunkin' donuts. keurig k-cups. local diner brew. i'm not picky. i'm only allowed to get coffee from starbucks/dunkin' donuts on working-fridays (every other) to keep from going too crazy on spending in this department.
in return, i am tagging 5 lovely ladies who i think are fabulous (hope you haven't been hit already), although all the blogs i read are enjoyable and help get me through the workday. please feel free to participate and give me even more distractions during work! :)

i figure all you manly men wouldn't even bother/probably haven't even read down this far, but you are welcome to participate as well.

mel @ 2nd chances
kaolee @ girl on top
denise @ run dmt (who is also looking for someone to pay her upcoming race fee)
marlene @ mission to (a)nother marathon
aron @ runner's rambles


  1. thanks for the tag! you'll notice a few similar ones on my list :) I love my Keurig brewer... it totally gets me through my day! Have a great nite!!

  2. Oh honey, you are not a dork, and don't let anyone tell you that you are. You are super cool, I did NOT feel bad for you! Are you kidding, you're one of my idols!

    Ah, soy allergy. That explains the allergy to oreos. I am so so so sorry for you. At least now I can think, 2 for me, one for Lindsay, two for me, one for Lindsay - ha ha ha.

    glad to hear I'm not the only one addicted to reading these things!

  3. yay i havent been tagged on this one yet!! i will get to it hopefully tomorrow :) thanks!!!!

    i am also VERY addicted to running blogs... first thing at work :)

  4. You are totally fabulous! I have to tell you, I share your ketchup addiction.

    Thanks so much for the tag (nope, haven't been hit before!) - you made my day. :)

  5. I too love the ketchup. I think ketchup tastes good on anything that has cheese. I share the mac-n-cheese and grilled cheese ketchup-thing.

  6. I love M&M's and I am a complete Ketchup freak. I need tons of it when I eat fries and can pretty much eat it with anything.

  7. Loved the list! I was LMAO about putting ketchup on everything. I don't do ketchup but I do franks red hot

  8. Mmmmmmm, catsup! Have always loved it. When I was a kid, my brother & I would make catsup sandwiches...it started when we were out of cold cuts. But then it became a choice. Just white bread & packets from Micky D's. Now that I'm older I use whole wheat. Still tastes awesome!

  9. Okay..thought you were fabulous too until...
    ketchup on eggs???
    But then you're back to fabulous after reading how much you like coffee!
    Happy Wednesday Ms. Fabulous!

  10. Ketchup on your eggs & rice!

    LMAO - your filipino's showing ;)

  11. Oooooo! I am so excited! Now, who's the dork? Thanks for tagging me! :-)

    I just found last year that I'm highly allergic to walnuts and pecans. Ever notice everything yummy has walnuts and pecans in it?