Thursday, January 8, 2009

fueling up

my healthy taper diet

not only did i put away this single-serving sized 21 oz bag of m&m's in three days, but also a "small" sized-bag as well. they were both part of my belated-christmas present from jess. i think she was purposely giving them to me to slow me down for this weekend as she will be running the goofy too. technically i polished them off in less than three days because i was able to restrain myself from bringing the bag to work where i would have been forced to mindlessly consume them non-stop until they were gone. i have no self control when it comes to m&m's (and jess is well aware of that). i do not eat the blue m&m's though, those are gross, so j eats those.

the good news is my enlarged ba-donk-a-donk is good for me.

got in my last two slow, easy 'n short runs before the weekend races and festivities begin. wednesday i ran without checking either my nike+ or hrm the whole time. just took it easy, ran by feel, and ran right in my easy hr target zone. thursday was boring and hardly felt like a run at all. 2 miles is hardly long enough to even break a sweat. nonetheless, they were both right on target for my hr and i can't argue with that.

wednesday (1/7) pm run: 3.4 miles, 30:52 (9:04 avg pace), avg/max hr (146/168)
thursday (1/8) am run: 2 miles, 19:12 (9:36 avg pace), avg/max hr (148/160)


  1. LOL @ the ba-donk-a-donk! Sounds good to me. :)

    Good job sticking to the easy miles for the last couple runs of your taper.

    Now go rock Goofy!!!

  2. Good luck this weekend!! Looking forward to hear all about it!

    You can actually tell the difference between different colored m&m's? LOL

  3. I LOVE M&M's. They are probably my biggest weakness. My Mom gave me 2 big bags for Christmas. One is gone. I am working on the second. Lord save me!

  4. m&ms are definitely my favorite candy :)

    yayyyy good luck this weekend!!!

  5. It's nice to know big butts are a good thing, and not just the tag line of a song...

    I like M&Ms too, they are part of the major food group of chocolate.

  6. A huge thank you for the HR info... I'm soaking it all in now :) Thanks! Now go kick some as-phalt.

  7. Happy taper & good luck this weekend :)

    Don't the blue M&Ms taste just like the rest of them?

  8. of course the blue m&m's are yucky! you can't taste the difference? :)

    no, i suppose if i were to be truthful i would say there isn't a difference... i just have a thing against the color blue (in general). plus i voted for purple back in the day.

    i also ate a pile of harvest cheddar sun chips last night for 'dinner'. i really need a nutritionist...

  9. Good luck this weekend! Race report is mandatory!