Monday, January 5, 2009

goofy training week 17

recap of training week 17 (12/29-1/4):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 6.8 easy, 1:00:45, 166
tue - 7 easy, 1:02:16, 159
wed - 5 easy, 46:21, 149
thu - 8 tempo, 1:08:50, 173
fri - off, actually stuck to my schedule!
sat - 6.1 tempo, 48:23, 175
sun - 9 easy, 1:24:41, 161

mileage total - 41.9

this "taper" week had more mileage than last week... i also woke up on friday and realized, wow, i actually ran monday-thursday like i was supposed to. i was able to fully enjoy my scheduled rest day for once. true to my new year's resolutions, i even did yoga on my non-running day and 3 ab workouts throughout the week. my hr was being crappy on all the easy days and i'm a little annoyed at my new-to-me treadmill for not being accurately calibrated, but i guess it was an alright week of running. i'm feeling kind of slow though and hoping i can locate my faster muscles next weekend.

on a side note - i happened to check and see how much flights were now from here to orlando for next weekend... i think we paid around $140 roundtrip, direct. yeah they're definitely selling now for $40 but, no biggie! i just got an email telling me i won the u.k. lottery! 1 million gbp's baby. $100 on a plane ticket is chump change. there were only 5 or so misspelled words, it has to be legit. if you leave your bank account number and current balance in the comments below i'll send you $100,000 (usd) from my winnings. *just kidding of course*


  1. Nice job getting all your runs in. You are going to be nice and ready for goofy! Glad you enjoyed your rest day.

  2. Great job on the stretching!

    Congrats on the UK lottery ;)

  3. small world!! We both won! Now i can fly down to Florida to watch you kick some as-phalt in the Goofy! :)

  4. HAHAHA, I win that UK lottery all the time...

    Great job last week! This time next week, you'll be done!

  5. Are you sure you are the winner because I just got an email saying that I was the lottery winner? Let me check...oh actually, it's some rich woman whose husband has passed away and she wants to give me some money. Now where is that bank account number of mine...

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  7. Hey - we all must be sharing the pot! I have one better than you - I have a bunch of money waiting for me in a bank account in Nigeria!

    Congrats on a good traiing week. That is what I enjoy the most about running. Youdo know a race report is mandatory!

  8. Were you getting in Thursday or Friday? I can't keep my head on straight! Email me at if you want. Maybe we can get something together.

  9. Congrats on winning the lotto! I helped some guy move some money around some foreign country, and I expect my big payment any day now...