Friday, January 9, 2009

off to the races

big occasions and races which have been eagerly anticipated almost to the point of dread are where great deeds can be accomplished.

-jack lovelock
this one's been staring at me from my bathroom mirror every day for the past 8 months or so.

well i'm off! thank you all for the good lucks and well wishes the past week or so. pending rides in ambulances, i'll be sure to post quick updates on how i do. i know i'll be thinking of you throughout my 39.3 mile journey and the motivating, inspiring, and funny things you have taught and shared with me. i'm going to try hard to come away with more memories of in-race activities than what random child's song got stuck in my head so i have something semi-interesting to say. i'm still trying to tell myself i am not going to race the full, but it's difficult. i'm competitive. i'm sure my legs will help convince my brain on sunday morning. i told jess we could just take it easy and take pics with the characters and stuff. you can't always rush through life, have to slow down and enjoy it - right?

i'm also already dreading not being able to run all next week... i know i need a few days off, and i'm only shooting for 7, but still, not really looking forward to time off.

good luck to all the other disney runners, goofy nuts or not!
brian @ a runner's blog
denise @ rundmt
kim @ kimpossible
(and anyone else i can't think of! sorry, having a brain lapse!)


  1. Good luck Lindsey, can't wait to read your report!

  2. good luck... I can't wait to read your report and see some pics!

    I am going to Disney the week after the marathon for vacation. Hopefully I can get a lot of running down there.

  3. Safe travels, good luck, & HAVE FUN!!!!

    I want LOTS of pics of you with those characters (maybe on Sunday after you smoke Goofy)

  4. You will do great! Have fun for sure, looking forward to seeing some pics, and reading your race report! Safe travels.!

  5. Definitely enjoy the experience. Can't wait to hear about it and see all that bling! Good luck!

  6. Good luck. I'll look for you in the half. I'm hitting the road for the Wilderness Lodge in a few hours.

  7. Good luck. Enjoy both runs. Can't wiat to read all about.

  8. good luck!!!! cant wait to read all about it!

  9. Best of luck, looking forward to the race report(s).

    RE: joyRun's comment "smokin Goofy" - seriously, that would be ill-advised. Or at least wait til after the race! U know what they say, I moment on the lips... LOL,yes, i'm in a silly mood today.

    Have FUN and go for it!

  10. Good luck Lindsay!

    Kick some butt and take names!

  11. Hi. Just found your site - I think through JoyRun. Anyway, good luck at Disney!

  12. I'm so excited to read your race report! Good luck!

  13. Good luck! Run fast and bring back a great report!