Saturday, January 31, 2009

put a ring on it

did you know how much more effective mopping is with hot water vs. cold? i just learned this yesterday, from my younger, college-student sister no less. i hate mopping because it takes me like 1.5 hours to mop the kitchen. she did it in like 15 minutes. (i paid for her gym membership for the semester and she's "working" it off.) i was amazed at how much easier it was. hot water, what a concept. (yes, i still have plenty to learn about being a 'grown up'.) i do want to try the whole cleaning-with-baking-soda-thing (does that make me a hippie? oh well) but i haven't looked into how to make that concoction yet.

alright as much as we all love household chores... moving on. my running life as of late:

thursday (1/29) non-run: yoga and some leg body-weights, essentially. (squats, lunges, squat jumps) and some more burpees... i'm a glutton for punishment it seems. having not done squat-like movements in months, i hobbled around with a sore rear and legs friday and saturday.

friday (1/30) am run: 5.5 miles easy, 51:24 (9:20 avg pace), avg/max hr (159/180)
yay for a non-working friday. i slept in (~8am), enjoyed a morning coffee (keurig german chocolate cake, yum) and then headed out for my run. still keeping all my runs easy this week (and for the next 4-5 weeks, in theory) but i was getting frustrated with the slow pace today. i feel like slowing down on the hills in order to keep my hr in the easy-zone is counter-productive.

saturday (1/31) am run: 6.25 miles, 58:04 (9:17 avg pace), avg/max hr (156/180)
i didn't sleep well friday night, and woke up early (~7) to grab breakfast with j before he went to work on his house. afterwards i sat around for awhile to let my food digest and the temps warm up a little. i kept the run easy for the most part; my legs helped with that as they were extremely sore from thursday's squat activity. with a mile to go, i randomly remembered that i had lit my "santa's cookies" candle earlier in the morning and at this point had been burning for a few hours. i hurried home as quickly as my aching legs would let me, sacrificing my low hr, but figured the house was probably more important. obviously, it's still standing.

for your enjoyment: this guy dances better than me. i'm not kidding. i love dancing bouncing around the house to this song but for some reason j doesn't really appreciate it. ;-)


  1. Glad the house is still standing! Whew...
    For not doing a lot of running Missy...120 miles for January??!!

    I CLAIM my miles at doing the most I've ever done at 100! You're downright going to catch a Kenyan one of these days!

  2. I'm at around 70-odd stinkin' miles. Geez.

    I add baking soda & vinegar to my mop water. No specific recipe - I just throw it in there :)

  3. Oh. My. God. I think I'm a bit disturbed now (LOL) after watching that video! And yeah, I like that song too!

    Um, household chairs, yeah....something I'm never going to love.

    I wish I had someone working off something by doing chores in our house!!