Monday, January 12, 2009

summary of training - goofy challenge

recap of training week 18 (1/5-1/11):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 4.4 easy, 41:29, 143
tue - 4 (2xmile @ 6:55), 33:01, 172
wed - 3.4 easy, 30:52, 146
thu - 2 easy, 19:12, 148
fri - off
sat - 13.1 race, 1:34:13, 178
sun - 26.2 race, 4:04:25, 155

mileage total - 53.10

an easy week with boring short runs to rest up for the races. apparently it paid off well enough. i did my yoga session for the week on saturday after the race in hopes it would help my muscles survive through sunday. 'race reports' to come soon, but for now a recap of how i got here.

in january of 2008 i took some serious drugs and signed up for the goofy challenge. later in the summer, i put together a 23-week training plan to get me into shape for the races. i progressed from a 24-mile week up to consistent 50+ weeks and even a 62+ mile week. i lost 15 pounds (ahem jess and j... proof to you people who told me i didn't have the weight to lose... obviously i did! k, just had to throw that out there), and discovered that long, hard runs didn't hurt if you trained well for them.

this is a summary of my training for the 2009 goofy challenge, a journey from august 4th, 2008 through january 9th, 2009 --

# of runs - 134 (usually 6 runs/week)

miles - 1,017.78

average mpw - 44.25

highest weekly mileage - 62.75

percentage of solo runs - 82%

runs missed due to injuries/sickness - 4 (asthma, recovery from atlanta marathon, abnormally high rhr, family emergency); injury-free for 23 weeks!

# runs of 15 miles or more - 7

hours of running - 149

average pace - 8:46

races - 5 (bmw 2-mile, furman 5k, spinx half, atlanta marathon, paris mountain 20k)

pr's - 3 (bmw, atlanta, technically also paris mountain)

speedwork - 16 workouts (5 mile repeats, 11 800 repeats), avg pace 6:46

tempo runs - 22 runs, ~144 miles

hills - 0 workouts, although considered doing them a few times if that counts

other workouts:
bike - commuted to work 8 times in august/early september (95.1 miles)
yoga - 15 times (9hrs 30min)
abs - 37 times (crunches/planks/ball work)
pushups - 527 (in aug, sep, dec)


  1. You are an amazing inspiration :o) I'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog for at least the last month or so of your training leading you up this point. Rest up those legs, looking forward to the race report and seeing what you have up your sleeve next! :o)

  2. Incredible. Thanks for sharing the stats - it blows my mind.

    I should definitely bookmark this post... you'll know why when you see my post from today. ;)

    Congrats again and can't wait for the reports!

  3. Still blown away by your incredible feat - great job again Lindsay. You've officially set the bar higher for the rest of us with this past weekend!

  4. Wow! Congrats on the great weekend at Disney. This post inspires me to be a little goffy one day and try it myself.

  5. Congratulations! Of course your legs are sore :)
    I guess I didn't realize the Goofy Challenge is TWO races! I'm not sure I could handle that marathon, especially with a PR in the half! Wow!

  6. that was some SERIOUS training you did and it really paid off. congrats again on a huge accomplishment! i hope i can pull from your dedication (and speediness) when i start training next month.

  7. good lord, you ran that fast and you never trained for hills?! there's hope for all of us yet then!

    I am getting tired just thinking of all that running - that's amazing!

  8. Savour your results, they were obviously the result of very hard work, can't wait to read the race report!

  9. Hi Lindsey - per your comment on my blog:

    To get the pics, I select the picture I want and act like I am going to order one - then when they show you the pic in your cart, I download that one. The resolution isn't great but good enough for the blog.

    Great times on your Goofy races, BTW - congrats!

    Marathon Chris

  10. Looking back at the workouts, makes the accomplishment that much better!

    Great job!