Thursday, January 1, 2009

tackling 2009

if you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it.

-emil zatopek

goals for 2009:

  1. run 3 marathons. (i need to cross some states off!) florida is a given (disney, january) and i'm considering the tourist destination of north dakota (fargo, may) and something in the northeast (connecticut, rhode island, jersey) in october. since i won't have proper time to recover and train for boston '09 after disney, i'm holding off until 2010 since my november bq qualified me for '10 too.
  2. sub-1:30 half (or better, of course). i'm hoping for a 1:35-1:38 at disney in january, and thinking about returning to south bend for the half this time (sunburst, june). hopefully i'll also pick up 2-3 other halves closer to home throughout the year as necessary to put a beating on my current pr.
  3. sub-3:35 full. i shaved 17 minutes in '08, surely i can shave another 4-5 in '09.
  4. pr in at least 3 distances.
health/fitness related
  1. abs 2-3 times per week. *no exceptions!*
  2. lose at least another 5 lbs (for 20lb total loss from my mar'08 fat weight).
  3. truly avoid eating foods with soy. my ige levels were "3000+", apparently those test results max out at 3000 and doc said i could be at 9000 for all we know. i still cheat sometimes when tempted by delicious foods (or when eating out and i get frustrated by my limitations). the nuts and beans that i also can't eat aren't as hard to avoid since they aren't hidden in things.
  4. yoga once per week. i should do something semi-active on my rest day anyway. i know i should probably do it often, but i need to be realistic. then, i can feel good about "overachieving".
  1. pay off my car loan. provided i have no financial emergencies, this should be done by april-ish.
  2. re-side my house and landscape the front yard so i don't look like the redneck neighbor anymore. i bought the house as a foreclosure and it has great potential, but currently no curb appeal because it's in serious need of a face lift.
  3. spend more quality time with family and friends. after the events of Christmas '08, i'm appreciating time with the most important people in my life even more.


  1. hey. in terms of you wanting to run a marathon in New England in October. If you're looking big, hartford works. If you want something small(about 1000 people and 1500 or so if you add in the half.), but pretty nice Baystae in Lowell, Ma works too. Flat and fast.

  2. Lovely resolutions! I'm feeling you on that car loan!

  3. great goals! All the best in 09! :)

  4. Great goals, good luck on the journey to accomplish them!

  5. Sounds like a great plan for 2009. Can't wait to see you slaughter those goals!

  6. Great goals! I am sure you will be successful meeting them!

  7. Ooh - I'm hoping to do the AC half! It's a small race though - flat course, two sets of out & back (I think it's the same for the marathon), windy, not that pretty, spotty crowd support. BUT, I did get my HM PR there.

  8. Love your goals. I'm hoping for 2 marathons this year. I was going to make a goal about yoga but I think I would fail :)