Thursday, January 15, 2009

where dreams come true

for your entertainment... official race pictures

walt disney world goofy's race-and-a-half challenge
january 10th-11th, 2009

the half marathon

leaving the stupid techno music of tomorrowland and heading to the castle

guess my foot rolls slightly outward when i land.
can't remember if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

does my leg look dry here or what. hello lotion.

yes i was a dork and wore the race shirt (again). it was cooler than anticipated.

maybe if red-shirt guy had been more concerned with finishing strong he wouldn't have been beat by a girl. the race is gonna provide you with your official time anyway... what's the big deal with stopping your personal watch 2 seconds later?

the marathon

ahh techno music of tomorrowland, day 2.
i just like how my thigh looks here.
(it's already full of lactate)

i've never acknowledged the photographers before... but we were doing this race for fun.
i felt compelled to be super dorky.

Align Centermaximizing my dork-status.

somewhere in animal kingdom.

i might actually buy this picture if it had one of my better marathon times on the clock.

we made it!


  1. Love the pics! You look like you're relaxed the whole time! Hope you're feeling great!

  2. Those are some awesome pictures. You look so strong!

  3. Arms raised and sleeves rolled up, you look far better than the leathery sunburned old man behind you who is wearing gloves, but no shirt.

  4. Yeah, im with you on the guy stopping his watch as he goes across the finish line. What's the big deal with waiting a few more the pics, absolutely love em!

  5. love the pics!!!

    every single finish line pic i have is stopping my watch :) i have to stop that!!

  6. I love looking at race photos and yours are great...

    funny about that guy stopping his watch as he crossed the finish line... he should know that makes for a crappy

    looks like it was an awesome time!

  7. Ok, i must be a dork because i always wave to the photographers - it's either that or i look like i'm in pain. so I guess i'm a dork!

    But you do look like you were having fun in the full, which is saying a lot given your speed the day before!

  8. terri you might look graceful/normal while doing the photographer-wave. i just look silly. i felt way awkward. there was one pic of me that unfortunately came out blurry, i was running by the photographer flexing my muscles and making a 'grunting' face. it would've been so attractive.

  9. Lindsay, the thing I meant to ask you was: What fuel did you take during the half and the marathon...did you cramp, or hit "the wall." how much water did you drink or gatorade?

  10. Great pictures, you look so strong! Congratulations again!

  11. On the footstrike. I think the photo is recording the touch, with the "roll" yet to come,(to the inside). This would make it a perfect mid-foot landing, in other words great.

  12. tom - thanks for reading! your reasoning sounds good to me!!

    kevin - i make myself take a cup of something at each stop. luckily i've never had trouble with gatorade vs. powerade vs. cytomax and i can take whatever the race is providing. these disney races had plenty of water stops, so i probably could've gotten by with skipping a couple of them, but in races with less stops i definitely grab a cup each time.

    i grab water at the first stop, and i start taking in gatorade (or whatever they are serving) at the 2nd or 3rd stop. i don't always want it yet, but i figure i'm helping prevent a potential crash. i alternate with water or gatorade depending on how i feel or how i anticipate i might start feeling before the next stop. i don't drink the whole cup unless it's really hot out, usually just a couple of sips. sometimes i get both a water and a gatorade, especially later in a long race.

    i didn't have any cramps in either race, although i've never really felt any muscle cramps in general - usually just fatigue and drained glycogen stores i guess. i felt great in both races, so i don't think i hit any walls. i'm still really kind of amazed at how well my body handled both races. i'm sure taking the marathon slow and easy in the beginning helped keep me from crashing at the end.