Monday, February 16, 2009

12 steps

hello. my name is lindsay, and i'm an m&m-aholic.

it has been 8 days since my last m&m and i am suffering withdrawal. i managed to avoid the walgreen's conveniently located right near work (that often sells 12 oz bags at 2/$6!) all 4 times i drove by it today. it helped that i didn't have my wallet with me and i never have cash on me. i find it's easier to not spend money when i conveniently leave my wallet at home.

i miss you, delicious m&m's, even if you round up the number on my scale. i don't know if i will be able to resist you much longer. you complete me.

mmm. i'm fantasizing again. can't stop staring at this picture.

i'm usually good at cutting out junk food but these delicious, candy-coated chocolates have been tough. how do you resist temptation?


  1. I share in your love for M&M's. That picture really got me. Good thing there are not any laying around the house. I say you go for a really long run and indulge to treat yourself.

  2. good job being strong... craving and temptations are hard to resist, but i try to stick to the 'everything in moderation' thing. i figure if i run and remain consistent with working out, then a treat now and then is deserved. btw, i don't play the lottery either... i'm not very lucky LOL, but i'm hoping to have another giveaway soon! :)

  3. My wife set me down today and told me I have been eating too many M&Ms. And what makes me think she might be right? One of my teeth has been hurting. Dental appointment tomorrow.

  4. Be strong!

    I have a major chocolate addiction too. Unfortunately, I could not control it till I started having blurry near sightedness is totally because of chocolate.

    Now, I just try not to keep it at home at all. It helps...sort of.

  5. Okay - you can easily control this addiction by packing up all bags of M&Ms and shipping them to me. Same with any vanilla ice cream. Or praline ice cream. Or sweet tea. Or .....

  6. They are my weakness too. I love them and don't discriminate. I love the plain, but can pack away peanut butter and peanuts just as easily.

  7. the dark chocolate ones are the killers for me; we had company last night and I made cookies; thank god eric ate most of them so I can't be tempted for too long. Who am I kidding, I already had one and it's 7:40 a.m.

  8. I wish I had some advice for you, but I am weak. Very weak.

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are a major weakness for me and they are out in full force until Easter. HELLLLP!

  9. I have no advice for you on resisting temptation, I totally suck at it. In fact, M&Ms aren't even my favorite candy but just looking at that picture has started a craving for them:)

  10. YUM i love m&ms :)

    so i just dont buy candy/sweets and dont keep it in the house. if i do, i just eat a little bit and throw the rest away. i also find things to satisfy my sweet tooth... usually a granola bar with some chocolate will do it :) or even i try a piece of fruit first and its amazing how many times that will satisfy it. good luck! you are doing great :)

  11. Damn you ;) to the vending machine I go! :)

    That's not nice to do to another m&m a-holic

  12. I give in. Seriously. The more I deprive myself of something, the more I start dreaming about it. So I just give in to a small amount.

    I LUUUURRRVE the peanut m&m's!

  13. The peanut butter ones are the most addicting.

  14. Like Jess I like the peanut butter ones (NOT the peanut ones) best!!! How do I avoid them? I don't!!!
    Hey, that's part of the fun of being a runner. You can give in to your cravings every so often. Moderation is key! Don't ever buy in bulk!!!

  15. Chocolate is my weakness too. It's a damn good thing we run. Will run for chocolate! :-P

  16. I can SOOOOO relate. Then M&M jar at work has been empty since Friday. Part of me is glad, part of me is in agony.

  17. Try taking up crack.

    You'll forget all about the m&m's.

  18. I have such a weakness for M&Ms too! Our receptionist has a bowl at her desk, and if I take 5 every time I pass her, that puts me at about 29348723947 per day.

  19. so it appears we're all in the same boat here in m&m world.

    my apologies to anyone who was also tempted and/or gave in to the delicious goodness because of me.

    maybe m&m would like to sponsor some runners? we should all write them... free m&m's for life! (which may hinder the whole running-fast part but oh well)

    @jason - i did the reverse. i gave in to m&m's yesterday, and extended my run today.

    @chris - sounds like you need therapy like me :)

    @i run for fun - wow! i can't even imagine how hard that is. i'll have to eat some m&m's for you!

    @glenn - too late, all gone. next time, i promise!

    @carlee - whenever there are baked goods/chocolates in the house it is the first thing i think of when i wake up in the morning. sometimes i eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. so, i feel ya.

    @marlene - *mini* eggs? hello, what about the normal sized ones! ;)

    @aron - usually i have a banana or orange for my afternoon snack but sometimes my chocolate hormones are just raging and need some loving. i do try the "substitute" sweet trick like you said, it just hasn't been working lately!

    @that girl runs - but the 12-14 oz bags are a much better bargain when they are on sale!! lol

    @billy - hahahaha. you know any good dealers?

    @darrell & xcountry - i'm sorry about your m&m bowls. one secretary at work used to have one too but i think she quit doing it because i inhaled them.

  20. The only way I can avoid oreos is to not have them in the house. Seriously, if we have them, Bill and I are just ridiculous.

    Do not feel bad. REPEAT AFTER ME. do not feel bad!