Sunday, February 15, 2009

coming up short

i'm a slacker.

figures that my follow up post to my first, crappy marathon would be one about slacking off. i think i jinxed myself.

today, sunday, was supposed to be my 'long' run. i had 13 planned, but was hating every step i took. it was 44* when i started out so i had on a light windbreaker. that got too warm about 2 miles in so i took it off and tied it around my waist, and instantly hated having the thing tied around my waist. it was flapping behind me and hitting my legs, and not helping my already-irritated mood. the weather was nice - sunny and not too cold, and i tried to tell myself "look how nice the weather is, lets just enjoy a nice run" but no, not a single part of me would listen.

so i turned around somewhere around 3.5 miles. slacker. i got back to the house with 7 miles in, added it in to my spreadsheet (yes i am a dork and proud of it) and noticed if i ran another 1/2 mile i could at least get 35 miles for the week (instead of the planned 40). so i hopped on the treadmill to round out my miles. i called my friend looking for her to tell me that it was ok to slack off this week but got her voicemail... was that a sign? it's not ok?

it's easy for me to tell myself that it's ok because this is week 4 of running since goofy and it fits into the "cutback every 4th week" rule. or maybe i just made that rule up. of course my mileage hasn't been anything spectacular lately (22, 30, 37) so do i even deserve a "cutback" week? i'm hard on myself, i know. (who isn't?) i've been getting lectured about that for years.

maybe i'll head out for a couple more miles this afternoon if i'm really feeling guilty but knowing me, i'll be too lazy and end up being grouchy for letting myself slack off.

sunday (1/15) am run: 7.5 miles easy, 1:07:55 (9:03 avg pace), avg hr (157)

i didn't spend the whole week completely sucking --

wednesday (1/11) lunch run: 6 miles easy, 50:32 (8:25 avg pace), avg hr (159)
since this run was 4 days ago i don't remember too much about it. 62* and sunny, i still couldn't slow down enough to my daniels' easy pace, but closer than tuesday.

thursday (1/12) non run: 25 minutes of jillian michael's kickboxing
i think i'm gonna get her shred dvd to have for my non-running days since everyone seems to have good things to say about it.

friday (1/13) am run: 8.5 miles easy, 1:12:07 (8:29 avg pace), avg hr (172)
friday the 13th can't be that bad if it's an off-day from work. it was a lovely 60* and sunny although i was a little dehydrated from not drinking anything before heading out on my run. (which i think contributed to my higher than normal hr) hmm, maybe i was a slacker all week...

saturday (1/14) am run: 7 miles easy, 1:01:45 (8:49 avg pace)
i got dressed to head out on this run after seeing 53* on i opened to door and heard the faintest of "rain". (you couldn't even see it.) it also felt a lot colder than 53 (today's 44 was quite nice in comparison) and i just wasn't in the mood to get "rained" on. so i shut the door, debated with myself for a few minutes about just going because i wouldn't have time later in the day, and decided to just suck it up and go. i opened the door again and now you could actually see the rain. so i wimped out and ran on the treadmill, but at least i ran i guess.

week in review (2/9 - 2/15):
total miles: 35.00 (all easy)
time spent running: ~5 hours
avg hr: 165.20
abs & yoga: 2 ab days, 1 yoga
off days: 2, both scheduled (1 xt)


  1. Don't feel bad... You ran more than me this week!

  2. Maybe something is in the air because I was a major slacker this week too.

    However, looking at your week it doesn't look very slackerish. I think sometimes we need a lighter week if we are not mentally in the game to recharge. Otherwise, for me, it becomes a grind and something I have to do instead of want to do. I have enough crap I have to do, this is supposed to be for fun.

    I vote take a easier day and hit it hard next week.

  3. I love the rationalization and making up rules - I do that too! Your slacker week looks like a good week for me. :)

  4. i don't think you should feel bad, we all have those days, and the rest of your week was great! I like Jillian's Shred dvd...

  5. Geez you still ran 35 miles!!! You likely need the

  6. I totally get u on the dorky spreadsheet thing. I've logged every mile I've ever run since 2004. But I must admit I've never run extra when I've found out I was a half mile away from a nice round number of miles for the week. (ok. Full disclosure. I know how many miles I need for a nice round number BEFORE I run and make sure to at least run that many miles.

  7. don't beat yourself up. i cut my long run short as well. walk away from this week and start fresh monday.

  8. This is MOST DEFINITELY the time for guilt free slacking. There's no reason to feel guilty at all. This is not the time to gain fitness. It's time for recovery and maintaining fitness. You missed 5 miles on your planned total (which is probably more ambitious than it should be at this point anyway). I will give you my personal guarantee that you did not lose any fitness this week.

    Take it easy and enjoy the lack of pressure at this point. There will be plenty of hard workouts ahead.

  9. you are too hard on yourself! (yes i know we all are) 35 miles in still a great week, disney was only 4 weeks ago!! you aren't on an official schedule yet, so just let yourself have these days when you need them. you still had a great week with lots of running!

    i use a spreadsheet too :) AND i think i would have gotten on the tmill for a half mile lol... gotta have round numbers!

  10. Don't feel guilty! If you don't feel the run, save your legs for a day that you are totally feeling!

  11. You still had a great week! Seriously!

  12. Lindsay - we ALL have runs like that. I can most certainly testify to having more than my fair share of them.

    Sometimes, I think it's better to just cut your losses rather than put out a crappy effort.

    Oh, and cut yourself some slack. That goofy weekend is still a standout 2 days of racing!

  13. You are SO not a slacker!

    And sorry about the sucky run, but makes me feel better that you get them too :)

  14. You had a wonderful week. Don't beat yourself up for one day of semi-slacking. We all have good and not-so good days.

  15. Don't feel bad! I forced myself through a 14-miler today though I really didn't want too, and the last half was total misery. Wish I hadn't. Probably should have stayed home!

    Newcomer to your blog and love it! The last post made me feel a lot better about training for my first marathon!

  16. For a slacker your mileage is pretty high and your times are pretty fast! You are doing great. You should be easier on your self.

  17. I totally know what you mean about being in a bad mood so you slack off, then the fact that you slacked make your mood worse, damn viscious cycle! And having the Garmin is now making me anal about even mileage, that 0.1 from the half is haunting me. I need to do 0.9 soon!

  18. Take it easy on yourself. Sometime you need a mental break just as much as a physical break. Go get 'em this week!

  19. We all need to slack now and then. 35 miles is great!

  20. if you are a slacker, i am a sloth. or a piece of sludge. you still ran more than me! thank you for all the advice this weekend.

  21. Dude,

    I'm totally writing a post about slacking if I can get 21 comments (22 now).

  22. @rbr - i totally agree. that's basically why i cut it short, i knew i wasn't going to enjoy it at all. and i don't really have any race(s) coming up in the short term so if i'm going to slack off, now is the time!

    @karen, kevin, aron, amanda - i'm glad i'm not the only rule-maker-upper, avid spreadsheeter, and mileage-rounder-outter. and now i'm a word-maker-upper. i'm such a geek for my running numbers & data, i won't judge any of you. :)

    @erin - thanks for stopping by! i'm glad the 'wisdom' of my marathoning history can help build the esteem of so many others. nice job pushing your 14 miler out. sometimes you also need to just put mind over matter and get it done too. otherwise we'd all be slacking off on all our long runs and our marathoning experience would be painful like my myrtle beach one.

    @brian - ...23 now. i'm on steroids.