Saturday, February 28, 2009

the human garbage disposal

it's been kind of a blah week on the running front. i didn't want to slip and give any additional free screen time to a certain chocolate manufacturer so i had to refrain from my regular running talk.

monday was my scheduled rest day and rest i did. i also fell off the nutritional wagon some more, if that's even possible since i've been eating garbage for awhile anyway. i didn't even track my calories in/burned for the first half of the week so i wouldn't have to know how bad i was doing. garbage in, garbage out they say, and i spent the latter half of the week dragging my derailed train back on the tracks. hopefully i'll be full steam ahead next monday with protein and veggies.
monday (2/23), day of rest

tuesday was a lovely day and j and i were able to run during lunch. we ran an easy 6 near work which is much nicer than the extra-hilly route near my house. we even got to inhale some of the toxic fumes from part of the road being repaved, what more could you want.
tuesday (2/24) lunch run: 6 miles, 52:32 (8:45 avg pace), avg hr (152)

on wednesday i was moody. i wanted to run but i didn't want to run. i ended up not running of course, because i suck. that made me more moody. i tried to think of something to do for lent (even though i'm not catholic, i just like to do it anyway) but i knew giving up chocolate was out of the question. i guess i didn't try too hard 'cause i never came up with anything. forgive me, baby Jesus.
wednesday (2/25), day of laziness

thursday i had planned to get up in the morning and run a few miles on the treadmill before work, and get in my regular run after work. of course i slept through my "run" alarm and didn't wake up until my "yay time for work" alarm. i did manage to get in a quick 3-miler during lunch though. i was mad at myself for being lazy on wednesday so i ran hard as punishment. let me tell you, trying to sprint for 3-miles after 6+ weeks of nothing but easy runs is hard. about half a mile into the run i remembered how not-awesome it feels to run hard. running easy is so less likely to bring about death and well, easy. i ended up running the first two miles hard and then pulled back and ran the last mile easy. yes, a three miler kicked my butt. whatever. i haven't done any speedwork since a tempo run on january 4th. cut me some slack (but not too much).
thursday (2/26) lunch run: 3.1 miles, 23:40 (7:38 avg pace), avg hr (182)

i also got in my "regular" run after work with j. once again, not really in the mood to run, but i made myself get out there. having company certainly helped, i probably would've talked myself into a seat on the couch otherwise. it was a hilly run, but much more enjoyable without the impending feeling of death.
thursday (2/26) pm run: 6.3 miles, 56:51 (9:01 avg pace), avg hr (161)

the rain came on friday, but at least it was an off-friday! we saw the forecast had a 45-minute window of "no rain" so j and i headed out to get in a few miles. of course, it started raining after about 5 minutes. it was a mostly-light rain so we stuck it out for 3 miles, and then i came back and finished my run on the lovely treadmill. not exactly a girl's best friend when i'm already struggling to make myself go run period.
friday (2/27) am run: 8 miles, 1:12:30 (9:03 avg pace), avg hr (172)

saturday i woke up to more rain... and it didn't quite look like it'd be over any time soon.

so... i got to hop back on the treadmill! yaay, two days in a row. thanks rain. i was planning on running 14 or so today but i really didn't think i'd last that long on the tm. from the beginning, i had to talk myself into running at least 20 minutes. luckily once i got there i was able talk myself into a few more minutes, a few more minutes after that, and before i knew it i was at 8 miles. talked myself into another mile, and i knew i needed my mileage to end in a .x3 to even out my 'lifetime' mileage, so i ran a few more steps to get .33 before i hopped off. over an hour on the tm = success in my book. my mileage will be lower than i'd like for the week with my extra day off and the rain but i think i can still live with it. (and it's still raining 8 hours later...)
saturday (2/28) am run: 9.33 miles, 1:22:07 (8:48 avg pace)

february 2009 - more easy running. feel slow. no racing. losing motivation. ate too much chocolate, need to quit.

total mileage: 159.58
time spent running: 23:36:28
days off: 7 (6 scheduled rest/xt days; 1 day of laziness)
abs/yoga: 9 ab workouts/4 yoga sessions
avg resting hr: 50.76
avg max hr: 180.73


  1. Looks like you have had a great month despite feeling blah for the last week.

  2. 160 miles in feb! Looks like an amazing month to me! when's your next race? hope the rain stops, maybe getting outside for a run will help?

  3. Good Lord you ran a lot this month, despite the M&Ms! Impressive!

  4. OMG! I am not worthy!! You go girl!! Don't be so hard on yourself.

  5. 159 miles??? And you're downing yourself???
    I got in exactly 19...and NO...that's not a typo :)
    I think you can eat all the M&M's you want for 159 miles of running.

  6. 160 miles deserves some chocolate, I think. :o)

  7. 160 miles is amazing!! Bring on the m&m's!! I have been eating cadbury mini-eggs like they are going out of style!

  8. That is incredible! You deserve more M&M's!

  9. You had some impressive mileage for the month! And, man, 9+ on the 'mill is terrific! Way to go.

  10. I think you overran your recovery anyway, so it was about time you had an off week. Just write it off as the end of your recovery from Goofy. Welcome back to the game.

  11. Yikes! Looks like some wet weather for you! I have a lot of trouble getting motivated when the rain is coming down outside.

  12. "Human garbage disposal" - I thought you were talking about my brother! That's what we always called him :)

    160 miles? Whew!!

  13. The rain, tell me about it, it hasn't stopped. I was planing on getting some nice runs in this weekend, but no luck. Maybe the rain will clear out at some point today.

    Great job on all the TM runs.

  14. look at that mileage, girl! super job on the month!!

  15. you are still doing amazing! dont be so hard on yourself :) you had 160 miles in feb!!

    i totally know the whole it sucks to run hard after running easy miles feeling... not fun :)

  16. I have been a human garbage disposal lately too, but I'm not running (much). Ugghhh!

    Looks like a great month for you!

  17. Maybe not your best week, or the week you'd planned, but it still looks pretty good to me all things considered.

  18. Mileage looks good to me.

    I gave up chocolate for Lent one year and it was awful. Easter chocolate is the best.

  19. Maybe you'll register yourself for an upcoming race soon? I think that might help if you ever find your motivation waning.
    I couldn't help but laugh at your Lent comment...I'm sure the baby Jesus will forgive you, lol. :)
    Keep it going, and hopefully that train won't derail again anytime soon!