Monday, February 2, 2009

new kicks

i've gotten some exciting mail over the past week, but really as long as it's not a bill i'm excited. my new shoes came in about a week ago and they look cool, but i haven't actually ran in them yet because i also received a pair from reebok to wear. they have been updating their style in both clothing and shoes, which is refreshing because i was afraid they'd never leave the 80's.

my new (purchased) shoes are asics gel stratus 2.1s and saucony grid sinsters. since i'm not running for speed anytime soon (theoretically) i just wanted to get some "regular" running shoes. the lighter, racing shoes i wore for the disney half are still run-able so i'll have them handy for when i allow myself to run outside of my easy-hr zone. i've never had an issue with any pair or brand of running shoes, so i pick my shoes based on looks. (yeah i know, i've gotten the lecture from my local shop 90 times now) i want my shoes to be loud ok.

today i checked the mail and my disney half award had arrived (along with some junk mail of course). i didn't know i'd really get one since i only got 5th place, but i'll take it!

sunday (2/1) am run: 8.1 miles easy, 1:15:50 (9:21 avg pace)
my heartrate monitor was acting up so i ignored it, ran by feel, and didn't record the numbers it wanted to give me afterward. it was a beautiful day, a little windy, but 50+ degrees and sunny made up for that.

monday (2/2) non-run: scheduled day of rest
my legs are still sore (although not nearly as bad) from the squats/lunges i did last thursday. come on legs, i've ran easy a few times, yoga'd, stretched... lets lose the lactate already ok? i probably should have done something active after all the munching i did during the super bowl but i didn't. however, i did do some planks at work. i was bored and getting sleepy so i went to a vacant cubicle and counted seconds in my head. it woke me up at least. :)

week in review (1/26 - 2/1):
total miles: 30.85 (all super easy slow pace)
time spent running: ~4 hr 45 min
avg hr: 155.80
abs & yoga: 3 ab days, 2 yoga
off days: 2, both scheduled

a good week overall, but i'm feeling like a lard butt from the lower weekly mileage (than before goofy) and my appetite has been huge. i'm hoping once i get back to "regular" weekly mileage i'll balance back out (and re-lose these jiggly pounds that have shown up on the scale lately).


  1. lol, kudos for doing planks at work! You're a superstar!!! Love the new kicks... and i know what you mean by the heart rate thing...

  2. Sure, an award for 5th in your age group and I get nothing for 37th in my age group LOL. Congrats. Hang it in your cubicle.

    So how does one get free shoes from Reebok? Do you have sponsorship we don't know about?

  3. yeah how come they don't give out awards for the places in which I usually come in?! and yeah, how did you get free shoes?! maybe I should advertise to do reviews of absolutely everything out there and then get some free stuff for myself! LOL

    I remember after my one and only marathon, I was eating like a HUMUNGOUS pig and sitting on my butt. Lots and lots of oreos (sorry, I know you're allergic).

    I like it - crawling under desks. i can only tell you how weird people would look at me where I work if I did that! I'm so jealous!

    Oh and to answer a question you left on my blog - it's the first 5K I've run in about 2 years. So I'm using this as a baseline for this year - I want the rest to be faster!

  4. I kind of wish I could pick my shoes based purely on looks! That's kind of a nice advantage you've got! Maybe that's why you're faster than me! ;-)

  5. Nice new shoes! I actually need to order myself a new pair in the next few weeks. I feel like I just got new shoes and it's already time to replace them. Ahhh... the life of a runner eh?

  6. Thanks for the great advice, it is really helpful to hear that I don't have an absolutely crazy goal. I love your new shoes. I can't wait to get new ones but it's not time yet. I'll be excited to hear how you like the aisics those are usually the ones I do best in.

  7. I also pick my running shoes based on looks. Though, sometimes this backfires, it usually works! Anyone tried the underarmour kicks?

  8. Very cool shoes there Lindsay! BTW - how *do* you get free shoes? Hmm... Let us in on your secret...

    And awards! Heck, I'm lucky if there's any food left when I finish.

  9. Awesome award!! Congratulations. If it were me, I would find a way to wear it around my neck!

  10. New shoes and nice new surprise! Congrats on your award!

  11. New shoes how fun! And you have a few pairs to wear too. I hope they all treat you well.

    Sweet award.

  12. LOOK AT YOU! That cool are so awesome!!

    Mine hasn't come yet. LOL.

  13. Nice shoes! I wish I could choose based on appearance.

    Congrats on the award - what an awesome way to commemmorate your race.

  14. Sweet new kicks and that's an awesome award!

  15. those are some very pretty shoes!!!!

    great job on the week!! its funny how low 30 miles can seem when you are used to those high mile weeks! what is next on your schedule for 2009?

  16. I love the name of your blog.

  17. Wow I've never heard of someone who could just get whatever shoes they wanted. Lucky!

  18. You're not a true runner unless you have shoes that are loud! They look awesome. And congrats on the award too!