Sunday, February 8, 2009

see ya winter!

buddy was back for a week at his "vacation home". (translation: i dog sat for my mom). he ran 3 miles with j on friday and another 3 with me on saturday. initially i was going to try to do my "7 on the 7th" with him but he was dragging dog butt (he must be getting old). i took him back home after 3 miles and headed back out to finish my run. i wasn't really into it, and i ran 7 miles on friday, so i figured that could count for the virtual race. i slacked, but ran the 6 i had on schedule. at least i placed better than buddy, who was not only a bandit in the race but ended up with a dnf. as soon as we got back to the house he went straight for some refreshing water and post-race dog biscuit.

saturday (2/7) am run: 6.25 miles, 57:28 (9:11 avg pace), avg hr (159)
being a little extra motivated (/feeling slack about not running another .75), i did about 25 minutes of jillian michael's: cardio kickboxing and some yoga after my run. buddy kept walking over and sitting right in front of me during the kickboxing so i had to front kick around him 'cause he wouldn't move. then when i rolled out my yoga mat he hopped up, came right over, and stretched out on it as if i had laid it out just for him. talk about spoiled. the kickboxing was a decent workout, but very basic (although i wasn't looking for anything hardcore). i just wanted to make up for skipping thursday's non-running workout with something that would get my hr going. it was essentially 30 jumping jacks, 10 front kicks, 30 jab-cross, 30 jumprope, 10 side kicks... etc etc. no coordination required as even i managed to complete the workout without falling over. i wouldn't recommend purchasing the dvd unless there are other workouts on there because it was so basic and you could easily re-create it without needing the dvd as guidance (i did it through netflix).

sunday (2/8) am run: 10.10 miles, 1:36:15 (9:31 avg pace), avg/max hr (164/182)
i was also not really "feeling" this run, but i think it was from being extra tired. i had taken one of my night-time anti-allergy pills saturday which knock me out. the first time i took one of these i was a zombie the next morning until lunch time. (i don't take them regularly.) i was sluggish for most of the run but just kept trucking along, slowly, and got it all in. it didn't hurt that the weather was a gorgeous sunny 60*, and later got up to 75! don't come back old man winter, you are not welcome here. later i took buddy back home to my parents and attempted a "knees to elbows" move on the pull-up bar. i read about these from sara at docs/flops/crocs the other day, and was intrigued. i'm glad i only attempted one because i failed, miserably. i don't know how she does more than one!

week in review (2/2 - 2/8):
total miles: 37.65 (all easy, still)
time spent running: ~5 hr 45 min
avg hr: 160.25
abs & yoga: 3 ab days, 1 yoga
off days: 2, both scheduled


  1. Great week. Looks like Buddy is telling you to take it easy!

  2. at least i placed better than buddy, who was not only a bandit in the race but ended up with a dnf.


    Your running always amazes me. Even on your "easy" week it makes me tired to just read about it!

  3. Amen to the warmer weather. I don't think I could handle another week as cold as last week was. That's really funny about Buddy and his DNF:)

  4. Buddy is cute, guess he wasn't feeling it this weekend. This weekend was beautiful, hope the weather sticks.

  5. i think we need more pics of the dog ;)

  6. i love doggies :) great job on the week!

  7. Nice job on the workouts and cute puppy stories. :)

  8. I am also hoping that winter stays away.
    I'm impressed that little doggy can do 3 miles!

  9. Nice workouts! Great week!!

    I think I'd be motivated to run more if I knew there was a tasty biscuit waiting at home for me... or maybe I'd cut every run short too, knowing the goodness that was waiting...


  10. Oh I hope you're right with your post title! I'm so done with the cold.

    I think I'd drop an organ trying that knee to elbow thing.

  11. Thanks for the info on the kickboxing video, there are definitely days I think I would get a lot of release out of doing something like that. (That's an understatement.)

    Buddy is so cute. I love how when you guys try to exercise together he always gets in your way...LOL

  12. I would have tripped over that mutt. How can you work-out with a dog under your feet?

  13. So, I just checked out those knees to elbows crunches and Girl, you are insane! I don't think I could do even one of those bloody things!

  14. ha ha ha that buddy with the dnf. you are hilarious! :)

    Great mileage... you seriously rock.

  15. aww buddy is cute. i'm having a hard time picturing the elbows to knees on a chin-up bar: whatever it is, i guarantee i can't do it.

  16. Nice week for just easy running! You sure do roll up the miles.
    Cute dog - i miss having a dog.