Sunday, February 22, 2009

self control? what's that?

on monday i became severely m&m deprived, which i gave into on tuesday and ate entirely too many m&m's (over half a 'medium' bag, that's normal, right?). wednesday i continued to consume the delicious candy-coated chocolates and didn't feel guilty. i ran a little bit longer anyway though. on thursday j bought me another medium-sized bag of easter m&m's, and i managed to not polish the bag off on friday so that i'd have some for next monday. after work on friday we went on a quick food shopping trip and j bought a tear-'n-share pack. i think he never buys the regular (single-serving) sized bag because he knows he only gets the blue ones. (i'm still holding a grudge against them for winning the 1995 new m&m color vote. sometimes i do share more than just the blue ones too for the record.) saturday i took brian's (a runner's blog) advice and sent m&m/mars an email. hey it's worth a shot. later in the afternoon my mom gave me another medium-sized bag for dog-sitting for her a week or so ago. lastly, when i woke up this morning, i had m&m's for breakfast before my long run. nutritious.

so, while i'd like to think i'm usually pretty good at cutting things out it is very clear that i am not when it comes to chocolate candies that melt in your mouth and not your hand. but, i figure if m&m is going to be sending me cool stuff i can't stop eating them, right?

my m&m-fueled long run today went well... actually it was a little slower than my target easy pace but i purposely held back and there were some gigundo hills. (karen's favorite word from the "baby sitters club little sister" books) anyway. it was also my first week back to running six days as i have only been running five days (and one cross-training day) for the past four weeks. i didn't want to end up quitting on myself like last weekend's long run so i just took it a little easier. actually i was only 4 seconds/mile "off" pace so i guess it wasn't that slow afterall. (must've been those m&m's.)

alright, enough free advertising m&m. if you want to be mentioned again you're gonna need to hook me up.

thursday (2/19) pm run: 6.3 miles easy, 57:14 (9:05 avg pace), avg hr 153
friday (2/20) late afternoon run: 7.1 miles easy, 1:01:39 (8:40 avg pace), avg hr 160
saturday (2/21) am run: 6.3 miles easy, 54:58 (8:43 avg pace), avg hr 162
sunday (2/22) am run: 12.4 miles easy, 1:50:19 (8:53 avg pace), avg hr 159

week in review (2/16 - 2/22):
total miles: 46.10 (all easy)
time spent running: ~6 hours 45 minutes
avg hr: 159.5
abs & yoga: 2 ab days, 1 yoga
off days: 1, scheduled
m&m's consumed: ~9,426 (ok that's the last plug i swear)


  1. I can't judge. I just inhaled half a mocha cake from joyHub's bday.

    Besides, I thought we determined that simple sugars pre-run are a good thing because we don't want to go into ketosis?

  2. Yeah, I have been getting a lot of crap from Dyani about my own M&M problem. I inhaled the valentine colors bag. And I am resisting the Easter colors even though I want a bag so bad!

    What is it about those little candies?? I wouldn't even consider buying a candy bar, but I can barely resist those little bastards!

  3. Looks like you had a good week Lindsay! Thanks for your stories. Reading about your m&m challenges is good for a chuckle any day. Believe me - I know what it's like! Don't let me get within arms reach of m&m's, vanilla ice cream or oreos for sure!

  4. You are cracking me up with your M&M addiction. And it doesn't help that they have them for each holiday, I've found the pretty pastel Easter one's especially hard to resist. Oh, and yeah I'm annoyed that they decided they didn't want Emmy :(

  5. YUMMM :)

    awesome job on the week!! so do i keep missing something? what are you training for now? or do you just run 46 miles a week for the heck of it?

  6. @aron - right now i'm just building up my mileage. i'm looking at some random spring marathons (kentucky, arkansas maybe) to run for not-time/un-officially train for but have enough base to be able to run it decently and w/o dying. i also want to run a half (for a pr attempt) hopefully late spring/early summer if i can find one of those. next 'big' marathon is gonna be nyc in nov, just waiting for the acceptance letter! in the meantime, just running easy and hoping i can find a good half!

  7. sounds like a great plan :) your base mileage is amazing!!!

  8. Again, I can eat and eat M&M's. I just love them. I use to eat a couple of handful before soccer games in college!

  9. I hope you get some serious free swag from M&M's! Maybe they'll even sponsor you. My good friend actually eats a Mars bar after every single run and I keep telling her to contact them... you never know.

    Another great week, btw!

  10. lol at your M&M's stories. Looking forward to hearing if you get into NYC. Amazing runs.

  11. Good luck with the sponsorship. They sponsor NASCAR, so clearly they like fast people. Next you should run the Las Vegas marathon so you can finish near the giant M&M's store on the strip. I'm such an enabler....but it sounds like I'm not the only one.

  12. haha! m&m needs to send some free samples your way...or atleast let you pick the next new color :)
    p.s. i agree with aron, your mileage is awesome!

  13. I find your M&M problem pretty funny :)

  14. 1. the blue ones just look weird.
    2. m&Ms - they do melt in your hand, or your short's pocket. how do i know this, you ask? I tried storing them there when i did my one and only trail race last summer. what can i say, i am not always the brighest bulb on the porch. talk about a mess.

    your m&m cravings are cracking me up!!

    by the way, i'd totally take you up on your offer to pace me at the half marathon in may if it were closer to my house, but it's in pa. if i decide to do one closer to home, then hey you want to take a trip to boston?! free room and board!

  15. I read the title on my google reader, and I totally thought, "is she into the M&Ms again?"

    Chasing the Kenyans=M&Ms up in my head. :o)

  16. You've had a great week! Great job on the runs! I don't blame you on the M&M fix...those little fellas are really worth the hype...sooo good.

  17. @x-country 2 - i haven't been able to remove my hand from the m&m bag over the past week! it magically gets replaced by a new one when it runs low.

    they aren't going to want to give me any free loot 'cause their profit margin will be cut in half. haha.

  18. From brian's wife:

    OK, you're not going to believe me, but this works...

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    You might like this article about choosing healthier chocolat: