Thursday, March 5, 2009

a case of the doms

the world is coming to an end.

for the second time this week i got up and ran in the morning and on the treadmill again no less. check me into the insane asylum please. (i am, however, mostly glad to be slowly getting back to my morning-run routine.)

i woke up a bit stiffer/sorer from tuesday's 300 so i took it easy and started out at a much slower pace than normal. my legs just did not want to move. eventually (30 minutes later) they loosened up and i moved to my regular treadmill-pace (and beyond, for a bit). i set the timer on the tm so that it counted down the minutes instead of the usual counting-up which seemed to help throw in some 'variety' and keep my brain preoccupied. i didn't spend as much time admiring the bedroom across the hallway or the pile of shoes in the corner. ahh the view from the treadmill, breathtaking.

thursday (3/5) am run: 6.5 miles, 59:59 (9:13 avg pace)

i'm hoping to be able to pull myself out of bed again tomorrow morning to run, and theoretically get in some ab work, but hopefully at least a run. i won't really have time to otherwise and i can't afford another 0 mile day (mentally or according to the scale). so here's hoping i can motivate myself out of my nice, big warm bed tomorrow at o'dark am.

this is my last week of straight-easy running, and after 8 weeks of it i'm ready to start feeling like i might have some sort of speed in me. i planned a long (boring) training/recovery period after the goofy challenge to not only give my legs/body a break, but also to (theoretically) lessen the pressure on myself of sticking to a training schedule. kind of like an off-season but without really taking time off. i didn't do so well being laidback about my miles, but i did take a few liberties with extra rest-days and managed to not feel too guilty.

the schedule isn't going to get too intense next week, but brian has instigated a fight by pointing out that his 5k/10k pr's are now better than mine. we can't be having that! i'm not sure if i'll switch up my plan to focus exclusively on those distances because a) i don't really enjoy trying to kill myself with speedwork that much and b) i need a weekend long run to burn some serious calories. (it's true.) i am, however, definitely going to have to modify it and jump in some races so i can beat his times shut him up. :o)

i'll be mia this weekend, hoping i can somehow squeeze a run in on saturday, but i'll be sure to enjoy a lazy sunday afternoon catching up with everyone('s blogs)! have a great weekend all!


  1. whoa woman! You are hardcore. I need some inspiration so this is definitely what I needed to read!

  2. I don't think you can ever be slow.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Good luck having a laid back weekend.

  4. Totally off topic, but I just checked out your personal bests...WOW!! I am not worthy!!

  5. Nice job on the runs! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I should try the count down trick on the treadmill. Good idea.

    Nice job getting out of bed on time. How did it go today? I have never been a weekday morning runner. I just can't do it!

    Have a fab Friday!

  7. Sometimes I think the morning is the only time I can do the treadmill. Its like my mind is still asleep, so it does a better job of just zoning out and ignoring the boredom! Good job on getting up and getting it done! I've been doing some resistance training too and I feel your pain on the doms!

  8. Hey Lindsay! Thanks for the suggestion to fix the stuff on my blog, I'll give it a try!
    And, great blog! I'll be following yours!

  9. Great workouts! You are so dedicated. Have a great weekend.

  10. Ok, I've got your straight jacket ready, right here. When you return from the weekend off, just give me a shout and I'll take a nice drive down south to meet you. :-)

    And I agree with joyRuN, you'd never be slow.

  11. Good mental strategies on the TM. Have a great weekend lindsey!

  12. i didn't spend as much time admiring the bedroom across the hallway or the pile of shoes in the corner. ahh the view from the treadmill, breathtaking.

    Hilarious! I always figured that the treadmill was somehow easier for fast people. Just like I always assumed life was easier for thin, beautiful people.

    I am sure this is a of statement about me as an a-hole, but it makes me feel somewhat better to find out that is not true. ;o)

    You rock! I hope you had a great weekend!