Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lil wheezy

i am struggling to get things done in my life lately. my free time, what little there is, just flies by. guess i need to quit going in to work or something... (just kidding, kind of) :) my personal life has also randomly gotten a little more exciting (/busy) and i never have time to do anything. my laundry (for one person) could probably rival joy's family of four right now. i'm really not sure how you adult people handle life. i can't even take care of myself. :-/

monday (3/16) pm run: 5.2 miles, 46:24 (avg pace 8:55), avg hr (165)
after sunday's 7 hour drive i didn't quite have the energy to get up in the morning to run so i ran after work as usual. it was cloudy and cool all day with rain in the forecast, but it appeared to be holding off. i got home, changed, and opened the door to get my run done and alas, it's raining.

ok, so it was a light rain, but i have had no troubles lately talking myself out of a rainy run. i remember one time a little over a year ago i did mile repeats in the pouring down rain, and now i can't even do a shorter, easy run in light rain. oh well. hopped on the treadmill, it was invigorating.

tuesday (3/17) lunch run: 6.2 miles, 51:48 (avg pace 8:21), avg hr (175)
it's 400m repeats day again! happy st. patick's day to me. i was not doing these on the treadmill again as i was certain last week's attempt was way off my actual abilities. i completely missed my alarm in the morning and i knew i wouldn't be able to run after work (dinner plans) so i ran during lunch. i did the repeats on the streets in a neighborhood near work that has some basically-flat stretches and my times were much more reasonable to me. i feel a little better about last week's treadmill repeats since i can officially say something (treadmill and/or nike+) was off.

5x400 - 1:32, 1:31, 1:28, 1:28, 1:29
(goal pace 1:30)

wednesday (3/18) pm run: 9.3 miles, 1:21:52 (avg pace 8:48), avg hr (162)
i love dst. i can magically run for over an hour and it's still not even 'dusky' out. 68* doesn't hurt either.

i'll be honest - i wasn't feeling this run. i had 8 on the schedule but secretly wanted to do more (11) all day. i knew after work i wasn't feeling up to much more than 8 so i filled a water bottle to take with me so i couldn't use thirst as an excuse to quit early. the pollens and allergens are out in full force (as they are all year round anyway); at some point my town was listed in the top 10 worst places to live for people with allergies. terrific! i have all kinds of allergies, let me buy a house here. brilliant. so anyway my lungs were sucking for the first 8 miles and then it was easier to breathe. not sure if they quit trying to kill me or if i just inhaled enough allergy crap to numb them and they rolled over and played dead. i struggled with motivation until about 7.5 miles and then i semi-enjoyed the rest of the run. coulda been 'cause i knew i only had 1.5 left to go and perhaps a little cooperation from the lungs helped as well.


  1. luckily i've never suffered allergies, but hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Amen on the 'life' thing wheezy wee! Still can't believe that I have to do things myself or it won't get done sometimes.

    Nice runnin' though - your 400's are fast man. And don't be so coy about your personal life. SHARE woman.

  3. I love DST also. It sure beats rushing around and trying to get a run in before sunset. Although I kinda enjoy wearing my tacky yellow armband with the flashing red light whenever I run at night. Sorry to hear about your allergies. Well, we have other states acid rain and polluted air here in Connecticut if that makes you feel any better!!

  4. I totally feel you on the not being able to keep up with things stuff. I have so much on the back burner that it's about to fall off the back side of the stove. (That happens Friday when kids have to type their final drafts and I haven't managed to grade all of their rough drafts yet...)

  5. Allergies are the worst! Hope you feel better and make it through the next month.

  6. "i'm really not sure how you adult people handle life. i can't even take care of myself." - LOL. I know the feeling. ;-)

  7. So what's new and exciting in the personal life?;)

  8. I share your sentiments re: barely being able to take care of yourself. I marvel at these busy Moms (or Dads) who seem to do it all and still run! Yet another reason I am not ready to have kids just yet...

    Great job on the runs... I'm envious of your weather, although maybe not the pollen. :|

  9. i want to quit working too :) i would have the cleanest house and lots of good meals! now? not so much.

    great job on your runs and hope your allergies are better soon!

  10. Haha I hate DST. I run in the morning and it's still dark out!

  11. Allergies are the WORST! It's the one thing I hate about spring.

    Feel better soon!

  12. Sounds like u r managing to have a decent running week - 5, 6, 9 by Wednesday. That ain't bad.

    Yes, and we do want the dish on excitement in personal life. We don't need all the graphic detail, but give us a peek.

  13. Ugh. I'm a seasonal allergy girl, too, so I know what you're going through. Hope things get better!!

  14. 68deg?! No fair!

    I hate allergies. Mine are starting to kick in, but even worse, Thing One's starting up with the asthma because of it.

  15. Hey, good job on the 400's. Way to finish strong. That's exciting :P.