Tuesday, March 24, 2009

losing the fight

the patheticness continued for the rest of last week. i have a bit of a hard time staying on track when traveling, and going from 60-70* to 30* doesn't help much in the motivation department either.

after thursday's monumental 1.5 mile run, i ran a whopping 2.3 on friday. i headed out for my threshold run but i felt like i was going to throw up the entire time so i turned around and ran/walked home. not sure what was going on with my stomach, but i made it home without puking and curled up on the couch for awhile.

friday (3/20) crappy pm run: 2.3 miles, 21:27 (9:19 avg pace)

i got about 4 hours of sleep friday night because our 7:30 flight to syracuse was promoted to 6:30am! yippi. while i 'slept' on the plane i was exhausted when we got to the hotel, so i took a nap. i woke up moody because i needed to run but didn't really want to because i was still tired. luckily i made j make me go for a run, and i ended up making up for my skipped threshold run from friday -- 15 minutes easy (1.75 miles), 15 minutes t-pace (7:03, 2.13 miles), 10 minutes easy (1.17 miles).

saturday (3/21) afternoon run: 5.05 miles, 40:00 (7:55 avg pace)

sunday... still tired, still feeling 'off', still in cold syracuse. (part of the 'off' feeling today may have come from the beers, enormous alabama slammer, and kahlua 'n cream that was consumed saturday night, but the jury is still out on that.) it was snowing when i woke up and didn't quite help plant an urge in me to run. the motivation is just gone. :(

j and i got in a short run in the snow. i thought of those of you who deal with this daily for months and well, i'm glad i'm not you. it wasn't a hard or stinging snow but it was annoying. i proclaimed my hate to the snow a few times during the run.

sunday (3/22) am run: 5.7 miles, 49:47 (8:44 avg pace), avg hr (155)

instead of fighting the lack-of motivation i've been letting it win. i'm telling myself i need to relax and catch up on rest, and those sound like good enough reasons to me. i feel blubbery as always, but i'm hoping a few days off will help revive me. it doesn't help that i get home from syracuse late tonight (tuesday) and hit the road again early thursday for that exciting temporary relocation for work... hopefully i can quickly fall back into a running groove this weekend.

at least the m&m's are freely flowing. gotta love wegman's.

week in review (3/16 - 3/22):
total miles: 35.25 (5 runs easy, 1 interval workout, 1 threshold workout)
time spent running: ~5 hours
avg hr: 164.25
abs & yoga: 0 ab days, 0 yoga (blub blub blub)
off days: 0 (technically i suppose)


  1. hang in there girl.. you still got 35 miles in this week and thats awesome! take it easy, sometimes everything else just gets in the way... work, life, sleep. you will win your fight again no doubt :)

  2. Keep your chin up. It is so hard to stay on schedule when you're traveling, which it sounds like you've been doing a lot of lately!

  3. Keep running when you can, and life will even out soon. Excellent call on the m&ms. I hear those help. :o)

  4. You're still running more than me, if it's any consolation. And I am MUCH more squishy. :)

  5. I hope you get your groove back! You're still running -- and hitting some great times, too. So, don't beat yourself up too much!

  6. There's nothing wrong with taking some time off if you need it. But I'm hoping you find that motivation soon so you can get back to running!

  7. 35 miles is great! Maybe you do need a little rest. Or maybe you just need to pick another race for some motivation. That always helps me.

  8. it may be less than what you were doing (which was a LOT!!), but it's still good mileage. you'll get back there when you aren't having to travel so much. in the mean time, you have the most awesome display of m&m's ever. i hate my grocery store now.

  9. Maybe the "offness" will pay off the end. You'll appreciate the "on" when it comes back (which it will without a doubt) even more than usual. Don't beat yourself up; you're still a rockstar!

    p.s. my word verification was "prolly" i love that word!

  10. Hang in there. I know it is hard to stay motivated to run sometimes; I deal with the same problems every once and awhile. Just hang in there!

  11. If I had lots of money I would definitely have an M&M wall like the one at Wegmans! A few days off to feel better probably isn't a bad idea. You are still getting in miles. hang in there.

  12. You probably just needed the break, and it is tough to train when travelling, hang in there!

  13. I'm with Jess. Maybe you should give yourself a guilt free week of cold turkey no running, and register yourself for another race.

  14. Just go with what your body's telling you and stop feeling guilty. Work pressures and travel can take it out of you.

    Ahh...those M&M's!

  15. Don't be soo hard on yourself!! I think it's great you managed a few runs while out of your element. I'm sure the phase will pass and the motivation will return. Just get some cute new running clothes -- always helps me :-).

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning M&Ms ... now I want some ... and there's none around ...

  16. 35 miles a week is double what I've been running the past 2 months! Hey, you're allowed a break. Oh, and if I was Superman, M+M's would be my kryptonite! It's 4:30 a.m., and there's not an m+m to be found anywhere...

  17. Travelling definitely does make a huge impact on the workouts. Hope you get your mojo back soon!

  18. Take a break on yourself - you still pulled off 35mi in a week, girl!

  19. oh honey, now you know what I've been dealing with for months. It kind of makes my bank robber ski mask sound a little less nutty now, doesn't it?!

    So sorry you were feeling like such crap out there, feeling so nauseous.

    I think your body just needs a break.



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