Monday, March 9, 2009

not quite queen of the mountain

i'm back from a long, but sweet, weekend in the mountains with friends. we had a scandalous bachelorette party/girl's weekend for my former running buddy kt, and rented a cabin, went hiking, played some bachelorette-type games... (it wasn't really scandalous at all as we did not hire chippendale's dancers. sorry, no male stripper photos.)

this past friday was unfortunately a working friday. (the off friday's are just so much better for some reason...) i wanted to get up and run in the morning because i needed to run errands during lunch and then had to leave for the mountains, so it was really the only time i had. well, of course, i missed my alarm. go figure. i wasn't sure if i'd be able to run saturday so i really didn't want to skip friday's run. i ended up packing a lunch and clothes and ran during my lunch break, and took a mid-afternoon field trip to run errands. (oh darn)

it was a warm 62* and sunny with a little breeze, just a bit different than the snow fall we had 5 days prior. although i'd eaten cereal for breakfast and oatmeal for mid-morning snack/breakfast, i got that weak, low-blood sugar feeling about 2.5 to 3 miles into the run. that feeling really sucks, some days i get it and some days i'm fine.

friday (3/6) lunch run: 7.1 miles, 1:01:52 (avg pace 8:42), avg hr (162)

driving up to the mountain house we discovered that it was in a great (safe) area and decided we were definitely going to run saturday morning. you never know 'round these parts, some of the mountain folk are... different. there was about a 5 mile loop around (part of) the lake and our cabin was a mile uphill from the road that went around the lake. it was quite hilly, and the girls i ran with are used to pancake flat, beach terrain, but we made it and didn't get lost which was probably the bigger accomplishment.

saturday (3/7) am run: 6.75 miles, 59:11 (avg pace 8:46), avg hr (165)

after the run i headed back out with another friend who had slept in a bit and wanted to go for a walk. i walked a hilly 3.3 miles with her and my shins hurt pretty much the whole time. terrific. i'm the only person who runs regularly on hills and i get shin splints. not fair. after we all ate breakfast and showered, we headed out to go hiking. (also good for the shins...) we wandered up and down the mountain for 4.4 miles round-trip (according to the map) on a trail that claimed to have a waterfall.

you might be able to see that white speck in the middle that kind of looks like smoke. that's the waterfall. you hike 2.2 miles thinking you'll get to a waterfall at the end, only to find out you get to view the waterfall from 19 miles away. spectacular.

we get back to the cabin to hang out for the night and really start the bachelorette festivities and my legs were stiff. aren't i supposed to be the one in shape? aren't i supposed to be the one used to hills? i iced my aching shins and knew i probably wouldn't be getting in my sunday long-run once again. all-in-all, i did get in over 14 miles saturday and i'm counting it all to make myself feel better. i woke up sunday morning and my butt was sore! all the other girls felt fine. again, they all live in flat areas and/or don't run. not fair again. on top of my aching shins and sore behind, i was also extremely tired. i got a decent amount of sleep both nights (seriously, not a scandalous weekend) but i struggled to stay awake until bed time.

sunday (3/8) non-run: skipped another day thanks to pains in my shins and rear. (shins more so than butt.)

my april runner's world was waiting for me when i got back home and i saw that there is an article about shin splints. how perfect. i'm going to need to make myself do those exercises. i guess after 7+ months of no pains or injuries i was bound to get something. i think you can still run with shin splints though? (or in my case, you can still run through anything. not really recommended. listen to your body!)


  1. I almost had the opposite situation this weekend. My shins had been killing me all week (I was very happy to see this month's issue of RW as well!) so I was nervous for Sunday's run. However, during, and now, after the run, they felt fine. Maybe they were just calling out for attention. Good luck with yours; let me know what works. I think I've got to start doing those exercises too!

  2. stretch lots, ice lots. Just take care of your shins. You're a much faster/better/more experienced runner than I am/ever will be :) but after dealing she my shin splints for a few months last summer, they eventually turned into stress fractures.. so please, just be careful, i'd hate to see anything like that happen to you (or anyone for that matter) with NYC in the fall! take care. (i'm not saying this would happen for sure, i also had a bad recommendation for shoes, which i'm sure didn't help the situation...)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend overall, but sorry about the shin issues. :(

    I don't have experience myself, but hubby ran through shin pain last year and ended up not able to run for 8 weeks. (he had a really bad case.) Just be careful and use your judgment!

  4. Everybody's received the new RW except me.... no fair! ;-)

    Anyway, sorry your shins are acting up, but I am soooo jealous of your mountain excursion after reading this. About 3 years ago my husband and I spent a week in the mountains in Idaho at my aunt's ginormous cabin, all to ourselves. We went biking and hiking, I didn't run back then but now I want to go back and run there. It just sounds so wonderful!

    Take care of those legs! Resting is hard, I know...

  5. Sounds like a GREAT girls weekend. So fun.

    Hope your shins and bum get to feeling better.

  6. @mel - i think i remember reading that on your blog before. thanks for reminding me! yesterday i was all "oh no biggie you can run through this" but now i'm thinking i'll play it by ear.

    @marlene - i'm appreciating the extra warning. i was mostly level-headed sunday and didn't run. i know i don't really *need* to run all the time right now and i definitely don't want to drag this out!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend!! I would give your shins a little extra rest but also try to strengthen them a bit but keeping your heel on the floor and lifting your toes. That exercise always works for me when I have anything going on w/my shins.

  8. What a great girly weekend! I have an old school slumber party with my girls this weekend, and I can't wait.

    Hope your shins heals up quick.

  9. Glad you and your girls were able to have a nice weekend. And, what great weather too! I got shin splits for the first time in my whole life and they are no joke. Take care of the shins!!!

  10. LOL at the waterfall. It sounds like a wonderful girls weekend and I am impressed that ya'll managed a bachelorette weekend and actually got workouts in. I hope your shins are feeling better!

  11. Great pictrues. I get very sore shins as well. I will read through the advice you get!

  12. great job for getting those runs in when you could!! its so hard to squeeze them in on those busy weekends. hope your shins feel better soon!!

  13. You can roll out your shins using a tennis ball: just rub in a circular motion on the muscle part (press down hard enough).

  14. Ah, what a panoramic view in the picture! I can imagine running there would be spectacular.

    As for April's RW, I recently received mine in the mail as well! I always love reading through the magazine, even though some things seem to be reiterated from time to time. My favorite page is most definitely the "Rave Run."

  15. thanks for all the kind words to my shins. i hope they are listening!

    @jess - i am going to try the tennis ball massage out tonight! thanks!

  16. Sounds like some good runs over the weekend!

    I just got my RW issue in the mail today so I plan on reading it this week. Hopefully it's a good issue!

  17. I'll add my 2 cents to the shin splints suggestions. Toe raises have always helped me. I still do them fairly regularly, although it's now more out of superstition, I think. Sometimes I get strange looks from big chest chicken leg man at the gym, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I like the pic of Chip & Dale. I've never seen them in those strange futuristic outfits...

  18. HOW did you get all that running in during your weekend getaway?! I wouldn't have had the discipline.

    Good luck with the shin splints. I'm amazed I haven't landed those yet (knock on wood).

  19. Your weekend sounds awesome...and I'm so jealous. Except for the shin issues...sorry to hear about that. Take care and ice, ice, ice.



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