Sunday, March 1, 2009

snow in the southland

in true fashion i did not run today. i woke up and it was still raining and so, i let the excuses roll. at least i have no need to take tomorrow off.

the rain later turned to snow which is a huge deal in south carolina period, and even more so in march! i'm so using this as an excuse to play hooky from work tomorrow! :) ok, so maybe i'll go in late... maybe.

since it rained all day the scdot couldn't even attempt to sand/salt the roads so they're really bad out. trust, j and i tried to drive on them. too many people were skidding off the road so we turned around and are hanging out at his house. the good thing is the power back at my house is probably out (30,000 people in my town without power vs 7,000 in his town), but it is on here (for now) so we're not too bored yet. we did make a lumpy snowman (with golf club arms):

i think we've gotten about six inches so far. it's been coming down steadily since about 4 or 5 pm (so like 6 hours!) i'm being a huge dork to all you northerners but seriously the last time it snowed here i think i was like 12. i won't lie, i'm also looking forward to a free day/half day off from work tomorrow.

week in review (2/23 - 3/01):
total miles: 32.73 (all easy, 'cept for 2 miles hard)
time spent running: ~4 hours 45 minutes
avg hr: 166
abs & yoga: 2 ab days, 0 yoga (whoops)
off days: 3, (1 scheduled, 2 lazy)


  1. sorry girlie, but i can't help but laugh... a lot. LOL however, do be safe on the roads. While many here still don't know how to drive in the crappy weather, I'm sure it's worse there... so just be safe. Cute snowman!

  2. I guess I won't be packing my bags and moving south.....especially if you are having the same craptastic weather we are having. At least it looks like you are having fun with it.

  3. Snow here too! I'm definitely ready for spring, but I'm glad you are still finding some fun in it. I think I remember when snow was fun ;)

  4. You guys did get a lot of snow! It rained all day Sat and Sunday here with the rain turning to snow Sunday night. But, it is suppose to be in the 70's by the weekend...craziness!

  5. We didn't even get all that much snow yet yesterday evening when the school called to declare a school day. Hub's got a snow day today too.

    They're ruining my plans!

    I might chance the slippery roads to get away :)

  6. This better clear up when I go to Nashville in a few weeks, I am banking on a warm escape from my Canadian quaters! LOL. Have a good Monday Lindsey!

  7. @mel - have to enjoy it while it's here! it's going to be 60s/70s again by friday, and it never snows anyway. so this is quite the excitement. i know, it's not very impressive though. since it never snows here they don't quite have the equipment needed when it does so things are shut down for a little longer than normal.

    @carly - now, now. this is the only snowfall/ice we've had all "winter". two weeks ago it was in the 70s and it's supposed to be back there again this weekend.

    @carlee - snow is supposed to bring out the kid in you! alright, i know it's easier to actually enjoy it when you don't have to slush through it day after day... or shovel it.

    @d10 - hope you are enjoying a safe snow day too! would be unfair if you weren't.

    @joyrun - don't know that i'll step out on the roads myself but i'm hoping to at least force myself on the tm again for a couple miles (if i can ever get home). hope you get to enjoy the day off!

    @marci - this snowing was quite rare. hopefully tn will be decently warm for you when you go! i am definitely enjoying my monday... watching tv sure beats work :)

  8. Oh wow, look at that snow. I wish we had some snow in Charleston, instead of just cold. I am so ready for spring!

  9. Gotta love the little snow man!

  10. He's a cutie!
    Hope you are enjoying your time off from fun!

  11. No way! That is too funny. Enjoy the snow. As you know, we don't think twice about a snowfall like that up here, but I know it's a big deal when the city is not equipped to handle it. Enjoy your now day!

  12. Snow is nice when it's not everyday! Stoke up the fireplace and enjoy!

  13. WOW thats a lot of snow for somewhere that doesnt get it very often! cute snowman :) enjoy your snowday!!!

  14. i wish i could say i worked for a normal employer that would have given us the day off. it appeared only two major universities in the boston area thought that they should have their staff come in, because you know, it's not the staff that are important, only the students and faculty. sorry, i needed to vent/rant.

    i came in late today but had to take personal time to do it. it's nice that they care about our safety (yeah, right, absolutely not.)

    that being ranted, i do like your snowman, and am glad you are enjoying it. remind me to mail you some snow. i think we have enough to spare....


    by the way, i am DONE with winter.

  15. @terri (and well, everyone else) - i think my work was the only place not listed in the closings on the news... i just played hooky anyway. they do the same thing at my work-"don't come in if it's unsafe, but you'll have to use your time off" if you don't. oh well.

    the snow has mostly melted already... so sad. you can see my ugly grass(/weeds) again. :)

  16. it looks like your snowman is getting ready for a biig hug! LOL. still an impressive running week, hope you get back to running soon.

  17. i just had to go over to your profile to see where you live--s.c.! i went to med school in GA so i would regularly drive over to aiken, s.c. and columbia when we got bored. people drive like sh*t in the snow down there, so i hope you are huddling at home!

  18. Damn that's a lot of snow! We only got a little bit here!

  19. See, if it's gonna get that cold here in FL it bloody well better snow for crying out loud!

    Enjoy your snow days! :-)

  20. We're not allowed to have snow here. Although some of the tourists might actually drive better than us in the snow, they still wouldn't know where they were going and all the old people....well that just wouldn't be pretty.

    I think the entire metropolitan Tampa Bay area has one piece of snow removal equipment - the sun. We can (and sometimes do) handle 6 inches of rain in a day, but 6 inches of snow would destroy us.

  21. I know, I know -- I'm sure people are starting to wonder if I can even read since I've had that dang book soo long! I promise, tomorrow. Late afternoon. :-)