Thursday, March 19, 2009

spoiler: i'm not exciting. sorry.

geeze peeps. it appears i made a huge mistake by using the wrong term yesterday. by "exciting" i just meant busy/actually having things to do. sorry to disappoint, i don't have a sweet engagement announcement to make like amy or anything. i'm seriously a really boring person, so excitement in my life is just a half-step up from my usual boringness. while i am only a mid-20's "adult", my life is just work, run, hang out around the house, sleep, rinse, repeat. seriously. i don't do exciting things like most people my age, and i still don't see how married people or people with kids actually find the time to do everything they do. maybe i'm just really lazy...

i'm currently sitting in my living room looking out the front of my house at the blue, sunny sky and waiting to run. if i turn around to look out on the backyard there are dark, menacing clouds with lightning and thunder. i'm torn. do i get my short (5-6 miles) run in and hope the storm doesn't come or do i wait it out a bit... currently i'm waiting it out. knowing my luck this means the storm will be hanging directly over my house in an hour or so when i plan on running.

my life though, has just gotten busy. i've been gone the past two weekends so absolutely nothing gets done around the house (and, surprise surprise, i'm traveling again this weekend). after working 9-10 hours everyday, the last thing i want to do is come home and do dishes, laundry, go food shopping, put away clothes from two weeks ago, or even make dinner. (yes i know, some of you work even longer hours, have children and still manage to fend for yourselves.) maybe i should start taking photos of my dinners like jess and matt. i'm sure you'd be so enthralled by my bowl of cereal, scrambled eggs, slices of turkey lunch meat, or microwavable easy mac. (all meals i have eaten this week.) i have no motivation when it comes to actually being an adult. there's mail piled up on the kitchen table from at least two months ago (hope i paid all the bills!) and i have dirty clothes that have been sitting in my laundry bag for who knows how long.

on top of my regular laziness, desire to just chill after work and being gone every weekend, i found out this week i will be switching projects at work for a couple of months. i think the number one thing i am excited about getting to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day. i'm easy to please. i've been busy wrapping things up in the office and getting ready to temporarily move to the bfe. (where 99% of engineering projects take place.) this makes me even more "tired" when i get home and less likely to even consider doing some sort of house maintenance. may god bless the man who thinks it'd be a great idea to marry me.

why am i so lazy about 'being an adult'? really, how do you do it? i feel like i failed at growing up.

alright well is telling me it is only cloudy now with only a 20% chance of rain so i guess i should get off my lazy butt and slog a few miles. i'm lazy you know, so i'm thinking just 3-4 miles now...

scratch that. it either just thunder-boomed or a tree fell on my house. i'm not sure. i'm hoping it was just thunder.


  1. Ohh a new project at work. That sounds like it could be exciting...I'm the same way with dirty dishes and laundry. I suck at doing it. I don't wanna grow up lol

  2. LMAO at this one! You sound like you have your sh*t together more than you realize. Also, you have the right to be the way you are (lazy?!). That goes along with being single. Us married folks do somehow find the time to get things done. How? Beats me...we just do. Please post pictures of your next bowl of cereal, OK?! By the way, did you go out and run??!! The suspense is killing me...

  3. LOL! You are grown up alright. I think you just need to get married and have kids first, then figure out the rest!

    Yay for all-jeans dress code. I could get used to that!

  4. Pfffttt... my laundry pile's been neglected, so we might have to take pics to see who wins the dirty laundry pile challenge ;)

    "Growing up" is overrated. Enjoy the ride, girl!

  5. Well, I may be married, but I'm certainly not "grown-up" if that means I have to take care of the house/laundry/groceries/mail/etc... those mundane tasks often take a backseat to running or just plain relaxing. Thankfully, hubby shares my attitude and we just get things done when we bloody well feel like it. (or when company is coming... oops!) :p (This is why we are not having kids yet!)

  6. I always feel bad when I see pic of everyone's elaborately cooked meals. I'm with you on the scrambled eggs and cereal, maybe the occasional grilled chicken breast if I go all out.

  7. this post is why i like you :) i have laundry in the basket from weeks ago, i figure it will eventually get worn :) i also have cereal and scrambled eggs for dinner more than i would like to admit. its not just you!!! i have a husband on my ass half the time about cleaning, laundry, etc so if he wasn't around it would be WAY worse!! i dont know how people with kids do it either!

  8. Hey, Im with you on that cooking thing when you get home. I mean, who has time to do that and fold clothes and do dishes and make something to eat. Id rather spend my time resting so I can run the next day.

  9. You're not alone, I have absolutely no domestic inclinations at all!

    A few years ago I had a 100-mile commute (each way) so I used that as my excuse as to why dinner was subway 3 nights a week. The commute is gone, but dinner is pretty consistently anything that doesn't require more than four ingredients, or is purchased.

    Being busy just exacerbates the situation, as now there is less prep time for dinner, even if I did have the desire to prepare something. I DEFINITELY wonder how I missed out on that "growing into a responsible adult" bit!

  10. It's ok, I don't know how people with kids get in all their training either. It's making me not want kids. ;)

  11. If I were to tell you that right now dishes are getting ready to plan their escape out of our sink, would it make you feel better?Because they are!

    Do you know how much more mature you are than most of the students I come into contact with, every day, who are your age, at my "elite" school?! You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Oh, and seriously, I have no idea how parents do it either!