Monday, March 16, 2009

the unlucky one

i spent another weekend in the mountains/mountain-y area, ate terribly (mmm free, delicious, warm cinnamon rolls from the hotel breakfast), and once again conveniently skipped my sunday long run. :-/

the exciting drive

after an exciting 7 hour drive on friday i arrived in the sticks of kentucky. it's a very exciting area indeed; there is even an outlet mall ( has 4 stores). i really need to go back and get a picture of this "outlet mall". the brands advertised outside include wrangler, lee and jansport. can't you buy all that at walmart?

anyway. j and i ran about 5.2 miles in one of kentucky's finer state parks on saturday. there's one road that goes through the park but it was extremely hilly with no shoulder so we stuck to the campground area, how exciting. we found a couple walking trails (1/2 mile and 1/4 mile long each) so we threw those in for a little variety. the trails slowed us down overall because we had to stop and climb over/under fallen trees, navigate loose rocks, and step cautiously on wet, mossy rocks, but at least it was a bit of a break from boring mile loops around the campground. we did find out later (online) that there is supposedly a 4.5 mile trail in that park somewhere, which would have been nice to know.

saturday (3/14) am run: 5.2 miles, 48:48 (avg pace 9:23), avg hr (153)

it was also my half birthday so i was treated to free gambling (j's money) at the casino! my luck at the casino is apparently the same as my luck in the blog giveaways. nonexistent. j gave me $40 to gamble away and i should have just pocketed it. i lost two games of roulette and two games of blackjack. my first trip to a casino was not very memorable. guess i'll stay away from vegas and lottery tickets.

sunday i tried to sleep in but alas, sleep and i are just not meant to be. still. :( we skipped a trip to louisville and decided to be lazy around the hotel instead. eventually i hit the road again and knew i'd be logging another 0-mile day, but at least i hadn't already taken a day off for the week so i felt less guilty.

the long road home

week in review (3/09 - 3/15):
total miles: 35.00 (4 runs easy, 1 interval workout, 1 threshold workout)
time spent running: ~5 hours 10 minutes
avg hr: 162.00
abs & yoga: 3 ab days, 0 yoga (for the 3rd week in a row, might as well quit trying)
off days: 1 (unscheduled, mostly laziness)


  1. lol at the casino, i don't even bother anymore. :)

  2. At least it was purty, warnt it? :)

  3. Don't quit trying with the yoga!

    I've been so diligently not running, it's sick!

  4. Now who can turn down warm cinnamon rolls, free or not?

    Not me.

    I stink at the casinos too. I think I tried once, & we live less than 30 minutes from Atlantic City.

  5. I'm awful at winning anything; casinos and scratch offs included

  6. I don't ever win at the casino. Well don't play much since I never win and hate tossing money out the window.

  7. Lol at the outlet mall. Happy Half-Birthday!

  8. Happy Half Birthday!

    I have never been one for gambling.

  9. Happy half birthday ;) Did you buy yourself something special from the four-store outlet?

    And I'd be terrible at gambling, too.

  10. I suck at the casino too. At least it was free money!

    Sounds like a fun run. I love running in new places...especially if it is scenic.

  11. Warm cinnamon rolls? I would have signed up for a quick dozen, no doubt!

  12. Happy half birthday! My mom always celebrated mine, and I still do it now.

  13. Wow... that outlet mall sounds AWESOME! It makes the malls here in Vegas sound really lame. (HA HA!)

    I agree, it would be really hard to pass up warm cinnamon rolls... You probably made good use of your time! :-)

  14. i never win either... sounds like a fun weekend though!!

  15. My guess is that Walmart secretly owns the outlet mall.

  16. Thanks lindsay for your comment. Sometimes I think It's because I'm a doc that I have to run fast...I have no time! Anyway, looks like your weekend was pretty exciting. Casinos are very hit or miss...and i tend to miss more than hit...

  17. Was that really your drive home?That picture looks beautiful!

    Wait, have you never seen outlet malls before - is that only a Northern thing?

    Good to know I'm not the only with sucky luck when it comes to giveaways - I NEVER win! :-)

  18. Yeah, I'd just stick to Wal-Mart...

    Nice workouts!!

  19. Mmm, cinnamon buns... Sorry to hear you didn't have any luck at the casino. Sounds like one interesting outlet mall!!

  20. belated thanks all for the happy half-day wishes, yes i still 'celebrate' it. or well, try to convince j to 'celebrate' it with me anyway.

    @terri - yeah that was my drive home. my dad gave me a lecture on focusing on the road and not taking pictures... haha. once the sun broke thru it was a pretty drive through the mountains. and i am used to "real" outlet malls for brands you'd actually care to buy on sale, i assume that's what you are referencing? i hope anyway :)