Thursday, April 30, 2009

april 2009

april 2009 - temporarily relocated to kentucky which made the running situation interesting. lost my hill strength but continued to log mileage (though mostly on the treadmill). finally got fed up with reading everyone's (multiple) race reports and hopped in a 5k. won my first race but was too busy comparing myself to much faster runners to relish the victory. (continuously working on not being so hard on myself)

total mileage: 173.13
time spent running: 24:17:07
days off: 4 (2 planned, 2 not)
abs/yoga: 6 ab workouts / 0 yoga sessions
avg resting hr: 58 (only checked it twice all month)
avg max hr: 184.00
pushups: 590

now that we are 1/3 through the year, i remembered i had set out goals for myself in 2009 and thought i should have a checkup:

  1. run 3 marathons. still in progress, ran disney and registered for nyc later this year. still debating on what other marathon to do and when...
  2. sub-1:30 half. ran a 1:34 in disney (beat my goal of a 1:35-1:38). haven't been doing tempo runs since january, and am not feeling too confident on a sub-1:30 later this year, but i'm not giving up yet!
  3. sub-3:35 full. didn't really have a shot at this in disney since i was racing the day before, but pretty confident i can grab this later this year (current pr 3:39).
  4. pr in at least 3 distances. 2-for-3 so far (5k, half).

health/fitness related
  1. abs 2-3 times per week. was doing ok, now failing miserably.
  2. lose at least another 5 lbs. probably failing miserably. don't quite have a scale in the hotel to know for sure.
  3. truly avoid eating foods with soy. failing even more miserably. in my defense, having to eat out 2-3 meals a day does not help. i suppose this could apply to #2 as well.
  4. yoga once per week. was doing ok, now failing miserably.

  1. pay off my car loan. targeted to have paid off in april -- but paid it off in march! my one success.
  2. re-side my house and landscape the front yard (so i don't look like the redneck neighbor anymore). this has always been planned for the summer (the siding anyway) and is still "the plan" provided i am back home then. i'm missing out on spring planting but hopefully will be able to get a few things done in the fall. guess i'll have to be the redneck for a little while longer.
  3. spend more quality time with family and friends. i'd say this is going pretty well. i try to see my parents as much as i can and i've had some fun weekends with friends.

today was another warm run (75*) but luckily (??) there were accompanying 30mph winds to keep me cool. at times i felt like i was running in place but managed a few (slow) miles. legs felt extremely sludgy today - i think the calf aches are creeping up into my quads and making them heavy.


  1. well done this month, and not just with the running! speaking of family, how's your dad been?

  2. Lindsay...GREAT month of running-only 4 days off?! Maybe you're body is forcing you to take it easy right now. In any case, as usual you impress me and inspire me. For that I thank-you. Yeah, learn to chill a little bit, but don't EVER lose that competitive edge you have.

  3. Your running goals are awesome! And you're progressing beautifully :)

  4. Found your 3rd race: the San Francisco Marathon, July 26th.

    C'mon - let's race. I'm shooting for a sub-3:30 to 3:35 too.

    Loser buys beer.

  5. Sounds like you are on your way to a great running year!

  6. Good thinking checking up on your goals. Another great month for you!

  7. I think you need to add "stop being so hard on myself" to your list of goals! :-)

    You are doing so much, so well!

  8. Maybe all of our calves have spring allergies...

    Nice month. sounds like your first 100 days (or so) have been a huge success!

  9. Great summary for the month of April. You did great! Good idea checking in on your goals, too. I think I made some?? I should look into that... lol

  10. what a month! you are so strong.
    well, if you're shopping for a marathon, portland is in october...

  11. 4 days off---are you turning into me or I in to you? I haven't tallied yet but, I need to update my workout log and put out a post like yours :)

  12. Great month! Despite the move and work. Wonderful!

  13. You could always covertly ask your neighbors to nominate you for Desperate Landscapes on the DIY network and have someone else pay for the plantings - just a thought!

    If anyone I know will break 1:30 in a half (other than my brother) it's you!