Saturday, April 18, 2009

the bone collector

what do you do about blisters? i've been having a blister/small tumor growing on my right pinky toe for probably a little over a week now. it won't harden and it won't go away on it's own. of course it hurts near the end/after a run so obviously i know why it's there, but i don't know how to fix it.

i bought some "blister" band-aids and tape today to try, but i'm open to other suggestions. it hurts (kind of like a burning/stinging feeling) when i quit running, but isn't too bad while running so, of course, i continue to run. it's enormous so i really don't see myself voluntarily opening it...

last night after work i did a t-pace/interval-y run: 20 minutes easy, 5x6minutes @ "t-pace" (7:02/mile) with 1 minute rest, 10 minutes easy. it went alright, nothing exciting. i got in about 0.85 miles in each 6 minute set.

friday (4/17) pm run: 8.2 miles, 1:04:11 (avg pace 7:49), avg hr (169)

today, saturday, i woke up and my right arch was a little achy. i figure it's from favoring that foot and trying to not aggravate the blister more than i already am, but i know that's still not a good excuse. it's supposed to rain tomorrow so i wanted to run outside today in case i get stuck on the treadmill/not running tomorrow.

i headed over to one of kentucky's state parks a few miles from the hotel because their website says "4.5 mile mountain biking trail, hikers welcome". the trails are supposed to be open april-september but there were still "trails closed" signs up. i ignored them. not safe, i know, but i took my mace with me.

these trails were tough. some of the climbs were really steep and i had to stop and walk them. my time/average pace were slower than normal but it was a tough run with all the hills. it was a beautiful morning - mid-50s* and sunny - and i tried to soak it all in. of course, i forgot my camera. less than a mile into the run i literally ran into some deer! i'm sure they startled me more than i did them, and i stopped to watch them for a minute (like 15 feet away from me). one was snuffing at me and stomping one of her (no horns) hoofs on the ground. i said ohh crap i hope you are not about to charge at me. she took off across the mountainside and i couldn't help but admire her ability to not trip and fall over the roots or uneven terrain. i totally would have.

shortly after seeing the first few deer i spotted this... (my arm for size comparison)

of course i'm gonna pick it up and run with it for 4 miles. i need something to throw at whatever animal ate it.

mace in one hand, bone in the other, i picked up the pace because i did not want to suffer the same fate as whatever this creature was. (joy, please tell me it is not a human bone.) when the climbs made me tired, all i had to do was look down at my left hand for motivation to keep moving. i saw a few more deer and thankfully, no bears or wolves or mountain lions, etc. there were some gorgeous views as the trail wound through the mountain-y area and through the openness of a former ski-resort. everytime i exited the woods to cross the deserted ski slopes i felt like a wild animal about to be hunted by man in the open field. ok, maybe the bone was getting to my head.

it was a scenic run and i wish i had brought a camera. i'm not entirely sure how it's a "mountain biking" trail as it's a single-track trail with huge drop offs to the left or right and some squeezing between trees, and i don't know how anyone would haul a bike up some of those hills. originally i thought i might run the trail twice for a 9-miler but it wore me out (plus there was the whole bone and who ate the animal that it belonged to factor) so i cut it short. i'm sure my legs/right foot could use a shorter, lighter day anyway.

saturday (4/18) am trail run: 5 miles, 48:02 (avg pace 9:36), avg hr (168)


  1. Eek! Can't help you on the bone front I'm afraid, but I'd love to know what it came from!

    About the blister (I'm really bad and you should probably stop reading now) but I can't stand having anything on my feet that can be picked off. Removed a blister today in fact, not a brand new one though so don't think it's too unhealthy. Just clean it properly before and after, and then let dry.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trail experience. Once you go trail, you may not enjoy the road as much. After 29 years of running, I had my first blister this year. I just put scotch tape on it occasionally, my daughter says guys who march alot use duct tape.


  3. Dunno much about blisters unfortunately other than that they suck big time. Crazy runs Linds - the encounter with So cannot relate. Great tempo/intervals!

  4. I'm proud of you for not picking it...I would have as soon as I first saw it.

    As for the bone, excellent idea in picking it up. I think I would have just freaked out!

  5. LMAO at the bone and keeping it with you for whatever else comes out of the woods! I have one of those blisters on my left pinky toe, it finally hardened though... good luck!

  6. Honestly, you just need to pop that sucker and get it over with. I ALWAYS pop my blisters; they actually heal pretty quickly. Just put some cream and a bandaid on it.

  7. Looks kinda small & doesn't look like something I studied AGES ago in anatomy, so I'm gonna say - not human. I don't think ;)

  8. I would have totally freaked out and abandoned the run. Way to go on sticking it out! Sounds like an awesome run though. Do you think you'll do it again?

    I don't have too much experience with blisters (thankfully)...but the few I've had, I've been too wimpy to pop 'em.

  9. @joy - i just needed some reassurance that it wasn't a human bone which could at least rule out the possibility of an axe-murderer in the woods (or that a person was eaten by a bear). lol.

    @kavi - i'm still a little spooked by the trail but i'd love to run it again so i can get some pics. i'll probably drag someone else along with me next time!

  10. I don't usually get blisters so I won't be much help, however I heard duc tape works?!? Sounds like a nice trail run.

  11. ACK! That is just too weird. I would definitely recommend bringing someone with you next time!!!

    I'm with Mialena on the blister issue.

  12. I haven't gotten a blister since I started gooping Vaseline on my toes prior to running. I never popped them when I had them. Probably since I'm too wimpy to do it. The bone story is funny....I would have left it there, and then run a personal best time to get the heck out of there!

  13. I know its probably not what you are supposed to do, but I always drain my blisters. The minute I get any liquid out of them they stop hurting me, so thats what I always do :)

    awesome job on the runs!!! the trail one sounds crazzzy :)

  14. I typically pierce the side of a blister with a needle and drain it, then cover it with some kind of liquid band aid, especially if it is in a place that I can't cover with a band aid very well.

    Wow, sounds like quite the trail run!

  15. Duct tape on blisters always does the trick for me. The incredible stickiness on the inside and slippery outside are perfect. Plus, it sticks so well that it often painlessly breaks the blister when you take it off. Then, just make sure you clean/disinfect it (that will sting a bit) and continue to protect the area until it turns into a nice little callous.