Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend: broken toes, bad allergies, terrible dancing skills

week in review (4/06 - 4/12):
total miles: 29.73 (4 easy runs, 1 interval day)
time spent running: ~4 hours 16 minutes
avg hr: 161.25
abs & yoga: 1 ab days, 0 yoga
off days: 2 (1 scheduled, 1 too tired & no time)

the week started off well, but with the insane amount of driving i had to do and activities of the weekend i was setback a little. i'll settle for almost-a-30-mile week i guess.

thursday i drove back down to south carolina and slept in my own bed. glorious. i got in a decent 9-mile run friday morning on my old routes and savored having a safe place to run. the hills killed me (thanks treadmill) and the pollen was terrible. my eyes were watering, nose running, and skin itching. when i got home, i wiped my arms and legs off with a damp paper towel and it turned yellow from all the pollen. geeze trees, get a room will you.

i popped a pill to help my allergies subside, packed a bag, and drove to beaufort (near charleston) for my ol' running buddy kt's wedding. both are towns you should visit. charleston is bigger and more commercialized/touristy, but beaufort is beautiful too. anyway. got to the beach house in beaufort, hung out with friends for a bit, and headed over to the rehearsal dinner downtown (where i ate some bruschetta that -whoops- had crab on it).

kt and i have talked about our 'wedding day runs' for awhile now, mostly ever since she got engaged. well somehow she managed to fall out of bed in the middle of the night thursday/early friday morning and break the two little toes on her right foot! our pre-wedding 10-miler was scratched, and i know she was disappointed knowing she'd miss out on running in barbados over her honeymoon. she took it all in stride though and hobbled proudly down the aisle in her stylish boot.

saturday was the wedding day and the weather could not have been more perfect - blue skies, light breeze, 74*. kt's sister called while we were en route to the wedding and told us the florist hadn't shown up, could we stop somewhere and pick up a bouquet. the wedding site was pretty much 20 minutes from any type of store but we passed a few grave sites and were tempted to stop. figured it might be bad luck though, so we sped on and found a bilo (grocery store). as soon as the florist had whipped up a quick bouquet, we were back on the road speeding to the "church" and got another call saying the florist had just shown up. go figure. we pulled up a few minutes late but kt had delayed the ceremony for us (so she claims anyway).

thankfully everything turned out perfectly, and seriously what an awesome location!

the reception was a blast; i even got to whip out my dance moves to soulja boy.
yes, clearly we are white girls who don't really know how the moves go. after the reception i had to hop back on the road again for a late night drive home. caught a few hours of sleep in my own bed again, ran around like a chicken with my head cut off sunday morning trying to get a few things done, went to my parents for easter lunch, and hit the road again to come back to good ol' kentucky.

over the weekend i received "sub 4:00" from kristin of unathletic runner and am excited to have a new book to fill my less-than-exciting evenings here at the holiday inn express. huge thanks to kristin for having the giveaway, even if i won by default.

then i found out i won one of the prizes from felice of the happy runner's giveaway too! i guess all my whining about never winning blog-giveaways paid off. ;-)


  1. I love weddings! Congrats to the happy couple, and I hope you get more sleeps in your own bed.

  2. Glad your friend took all those wedding problems so well. I think 30 miles is excellent considering all your travel.

  3. whew, relieved to hear those weren't your broken toes!

  4. i thought they were your toes too! sucks for your friend though ;(

  5. Sounds like an interesting and fun trip!

  6. Girl! I thought you're half-filipino?! That's supposed to endow you with mad dancing skilz ;)

    Although looking at my kids, I dunno...

  7. yayyy for weddings!!! LOVE them :)

    so much driving!! makes me tired just reading about it!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend, although the broken toes are a bummer for your friend. Great job getting some runs in!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend, although the broken toes are a bummer for your friend. Great job getting some runs in!

  10. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. Good dancing!