Friday, April 17, 2009

a family affair

just a quick but huge shoutout to two of my sisters - running their first 5k's (/races ever) tomorrow! unfortunately i can't make it due to being stuck in kentucky but i will be cheering for them from afar.

my big sis & i doing something random in annapolis last april

my big sister - who started weight watchers awhile ago when the doc said she was becoming pre-diabetic and has been doing awesome at eating healthily, working out, and shedding pounds ever since. i set her up on the couch-to-5k program and she killed it, never missing a scheduled run. she's become addicted to running like me and sometimes even goes out for a non-scheduled run. like most of us runners, she's also already looking ahead to future races before even completing the present one!

my younger sis and buddy on easter of this year

my younger sister - who has been running casually on and off for a couple of years asked me for a training plan for her and a friend to train for the cooper river bridge run (a 10k). their plans for that race and trip to charleston fell through, but they found a local 5k to run instead and the price was lot friendlier to their college-student budgets. she's showing true runner traits as well - she likes to go for a run to relieve stress and wears a running/sport watch even when dressing up.

good luck sisters!! :o)


  1. Good luck to your sisters!!

    Too cool that they run also :)

  2. That is so cool, you really inspire them :) Keep the trails hot in KY!

  3. how cute, good luck to both of them!!

  4. Awesome - kick some butt sisters.

  5. That's so awesome that your sisters have taken up running too! I have tried desperately to encourage my two sisters to do the same--but have only been half successful with one of them. Ha, I'll keep trying!

    Best of luck to your sisters!

  6. Hope they did well. It's awesome you are a running family.

  7. Good luck to them! My sis is going to do a 5K with me this summer--her first as well.