Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i've decided small towns are no longer "quaint"

so... i needed to mail something to reebok today. i so wrongly assumed i could go to the local post office like any other "normal" town but no, the po was closed from 11-2.

although i don't really get the impression i would've been able to have my stuff packaged anyway, and i wasn't too confident in the service.

there probably aren't even enough people in the town to use all those po boxes.

i know i said i'd "get on it" nutritionally this week but i've only done a halfass job so far. i haven't had any cake or cinnamon rolls, but i can't resist the yummy chocolate chip cookies at the hotel after work. the running is still going (12 days straight), so at least that makes up for a bite or two of the cookies.

my legs have been tired and a little sore/achey (in general) monday and tuesday. i probably won't have time to run thursday so i'm planning on a short, super easy run wednesday, and taking thursday off.

monday (4/6) pm run: 5 miles, 44:45 (8:57 avg pace), avg hr (151)

i gave in to my legs and forced myself to run extra easy. it's hard (for me anyway) to slow down on the 'mill because i just want to get the miles over with already. after the short, recovery run i ellipticized for 10 minutes and it actually felt kinda good. (i've never been a fan of the elliptical, i'm too awkward on it.)

tuesday (4/7) pm run: 9.5 miles, 1:15:10 (7:54 avg pace), avg hr (164)

this was a tough interval day (tired legs), but i kept pushing myself through it and dangling my upcoming 'day off' in front of me.

the scheduled called for these intervals by time (4 minutes at interval "i" pace with 3 minutes rest) and i decided to go with it instead of translating it to distance. i roughly did 1000m+ in the 4 minutes of i-pace (avg mile pace 6:26), completed all 5 reps, and didn't cut the cooldown short.

now head over to the happy runner and check out her 200th-post giveaway!


  1. ha ha... love the post office pic. It certainly isn't the UPS store... Who knew we had so many conveniences that others don't?

  2. The picture reminds me of the good 'ol days, when things were much simpler and it cost 5 cents to mail a letter! (Yes, I'm THAT old!). By the way, eat cake...you'll feel better and run off the calories anyhow!

  3. Looks like a lot is going at that post office. Great job on the runs, what a speed 9.5.

  4. My sister lives in one of these "quaint" towns where the post office looks like that. But, her town doesn't have mailboxes at their houses. She has to go to the post office to get her mail every day/week. Maybe it's the same there.

  5. I guess that's why UPS can stay in business! I spend a fair amount of time in places like that. I know I'm in trouble when the closest Courtyard is 40 miles away...

    Finish up so you can get back to the Big City!

  6. Heeey...small towns (and myself) we need our 3 hour lunches, ok?

    Great interval session - I need to get off my arse and get movin too.

  7. Haha nice post office. It looks like a Civil War pic!

  8. Nice running streak! Cookies are allowed. :) Good job on the intervals, too.

    That's the post office?!! Oh boy. Do they have a McDonald's in that town?

  9. lol wow that is some post office :)

    great job on your running!! i think you are definitely back and ready for a day of rest!! great job on those intervals!

  10. I'm right there with you... small towns are quaint until you start running into services you need that are missing! The pic of the post office exterior is funny... totally reminds of some of the smaller towns in this region. (Nevada is weird... it's basically got two real cities and the rest of the state is made of places like that.)

    I have a friend who gets on her bike on the trainer for 10-15 minutes after all her long runs, she swears it improves her recovery. Maybe the elliptical acts in the same way?

    Hope the rest day gives your legs a little reprieve so they feel fresh again!

  11. Closed from 11-2?! Isn't lunchtime when most people get to go to the post office?

    Mile pace 6:26 - WHEW!

  12. The only giveaway is the post box in front of that sad looking building!

    That's a lot of running, girl!

  13. That's a strangely long time for everyone to take their lunch break! How random!

  14. 9.5 mi of intervals on the treadmill?! You must have an iron will there Lindsay!

    Wow, those folks at USPS certainly get a nice, long siesta there. Must be nice!

  15. I'd love a 3-hour lunch break. Imagine all the running you can do and still have whole evenings free!
    Cookies = carbs = good for runners ;) (I can justify anything...)

  16. I feel the same way about the treadmill...I just want to do intervals on there to break up the boredom!

    Maybe you're just eating the depressing that is that town. ;)

  17. Yikes, that is a small town! Way to still get those workouts in.

  18. @marlene - no mcd's, just a recently-opened subway. which is also the only restaurant in town. woo hoo.