Monday, April 27, 2009

music to my ears

brian, my 5k-arch-nemesis, wants to embarrass me further by publicizing my sweet music collection. fortunately for me, since i don't run with an ipod/mp3 player, there's no way i can be embarrassed right?

i'll play along anyway... with the most embarrassing, why-did-i-ever-download-these songs on my computer. after all, if i had an active mp3 player these would probably have found their way on there:

ashley tisdale - "he said she said"

yes, the girl from high school musical. quality.

lil mama - "lip gloss"

how can you argue lyrics like "my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be poppin', i'm standin' at my locka, and all the boys keep stoppin'"?

paris hilton - "stars are blind"

she's versatile, doesn't limit herself to dvd's...

enrique inglesias - "do you know"

maybe he should've quit while he was ahead.

evan and jaron - "crazy for this girl"

a classic from y2k

so basically what my problem is that i'm still too hooked on pop music, 'cause i would probably still turn the radio up if these songs were ever actually played. pop and hip-hop are my style though, with the occasional country song thrown in. yes, i also have hanson, britney, jessica simpson, and nick lachey (did you know he made a solo cd? it's true), but i figured those were standard answers. come on, paris hilton has sooo much more talent.


  1. LMAO... too funny. Hmm, can't say any of these are on my ipod though ;)

  2. awwww yeah! i love it. is lil mama the judge on the vh1 dance gp competetition? girl can sannng.

  3. hanson? paris hilton?

    oh boy. i can't wait to see how Billy responds to this post because he thinks _i_ listen to bad music (top 40s, hip hop).

  4. See? Now you actually made me snort with laughter. Soooo not attractive.

    Thanks. Sheesh.

    Paris Hilton, "my lip gloss be poppin'". Truly classic. Good show

  5. Love it!!!

    I have one of those songs on my iPod but I'm not telling which!

  6. I love it! I too have terrible/awesome taste in music.

  7. LOL! If it makes you feel better, I would have the Enrique song on my i-pod if I carried one!

  8. These aren't on my playlist. However, I will admit when Um bop comes on, I turn the volume up and listen!

  9. YES, Paris Hilton! Hilarious.

  10. We all have our musical skeletons on our ipods. My hubby has "barbie girl" and techno "country roads". While I have tons of Britany and N'Sync. ha!

  11. Hmm. Paris Hilton. I seemed to have missed that offramp....

  12. Haha it's possible that your list is even more embarrassing than mine!

  13. Seriously? No music while you run your super-fastness?

    I need to ditch my iPod if it'll get me anywhere as fast as you!

  14. I'm stuck in the 70's for the most part with my music, which by the way is on an mp3 player, not an ipod! Het, I'm a guy who owned 8 track tapes a LONG time ago, before you guys were even thought about!

  15. I once attended a core class with a guy who played Enrique all the time to get in touch with his latin side. It sucks trying to pump out like 10 million situps to Enrique.