Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(not-so) crazy eights

i was tagged again earlier this week by carlee of chasing forrest gump, and must play along with my "8 things". it seems my brain has already checked out for the day; i had a hard time coming up with answers for "things i did yesterday". perhaps it's because i didn't really do anything out of the ordinary?

8 things to which i'm looking forward
1) the nyc marathon
2) summer vacation
3) possibly making a big (to me) decision
4) moving out of this hotel
5) running a new half-marathon pr
6) the kentucky derby (of course i'm going, i'm stuck in ky anyway)
7) retirement
8) christmas with the fam

8 things i did yesterday:
1) got up early enough for a morning workout (11.6 miles/30 min on the bike)
2) enjoyed a longer-than-normal shower
3) went to bed early
4) ate m&m's
5) 120 pushups
6) won some games of freecell
7) ran up the only hill around
8) got stood up for my 'lunch-date'

8 things i would like to do
1) run or bike across the us
2) live in the caribbean
3) eat m&m's
4) visit the philippines, the homeland
5) get a beach house
6) find a cure for my allergies
7) wear my hair in a ponytail
8) get a 6-pack (and still have #3)

8 shows i watch (/have watched in the past week, i don't watch much tv)
1) cash cab - while treadmilling
2) the early morning infomercials - while getting ready for work
3) deadliest catch (reruns) - while treadmilling
4) spanish soap opera - while dining at the mexican restaurant last night
5) that's all i have, and it was a stretch to get there. :(

running this week has been going ok. i've been doing easy runs since my calves have been sore but thankfully they are feeling a little better each day. it has been pretty hot here, as it seems to be everywhere else in the us - the temps during my runs the past few days were 86*, 73* and 80*. somehow tuesday's 73* run didn't feel any cooler than monday's 86*. plus, there are zero shady spots while running along the roads. bring on the farmer's tan.


  1. Glad to see your calves are feeling better. Hey, I actually thought of you during my 5K run, as I was feeling great and running easy. Then I saw my finishing time, and stopped thinking about you!! I still am not worthy!! Love you girl, you speed demon

  2. and i was thought i was the only one who watches those ridiculous infomercials in the morning. you'd be amazed at what is on tv really early - well, actually, you know, you get up as early as I do. Ever get up at 5 on a Saturday - they play old episodes of the OC on Saturday mornings on Soapnet! Sad, I know, that I know that, huh?

    Honey, you did better than I could do with "8 things" - I never even wrote the "25 random things" that kept going around facebook!

  3. LOL at the m&m's. glad your calf is feeling better...

  4. When you figure out how to keep your six-pack while eating m&m's, lemme know!

    I'm waaay overdue for a visit to the Philippines. We're waiting for when the kids can possibly behave on the ridonkolously long flight.

  5. @joyrun - that would require i actually had a sixpack to begin with... ;)

  6. It would have been much more impressive if you had easten 8 m&ms.

  7. M&M's are great. I could eat some everyday. Retirement will be great. I am hoping to play things smart and retire early...but we'll see how that goes, it is still so far away.

  8. M&Ms? Is that where your super running power to win races come from...jeez, no wonder I'm always getting outkicked at the finish line. LOL =)

  9. I ate a ton of M&Ms yesterday because a coworker left an entire bag in my office...thought of you:) And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one already looking forward to retirement!!

  10. I like the lists. Wow, you don't watch much TV> i kind of wish I didn't have so many shows that I MUST see every week.

    Mmm, m&m's!

    I'm also starting to work on my farmers tan.

    Glad to hear your calves are feeling better.

  11. LOL - We're both looking forward to retirement... and we probably both have a long way to go on that one!

    I hope the calf improvement continues! Glad you're taking it easy on them.

  12. Ah, farmer's tan. People always yell at me for complaining that I tan too easily, but I already have a VERY noticeable farmer's tan--and it's still April! WTF?! Anyway, I loved your eights! (Although now I am craving M&Ms!)

    Glad the calves are starting to feel better!

  13. i think our hot temps must have gone straight east to you guys... its been chilly here! i dont mind though :)

  14. Haha, I would love to be able to eat m&ms and have a six pack too!!

  15. 120 pushups?! Get it girl!

  16. You and your M&Ms! I am pretty sure you might need a 12 step program. I'm just saying... :)

  17. I wish I had a six pack too... All this damn cereal...