Friday, April 3, 2009

we now return to our regularly scheduled program

you've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction.

- george horace lorimer
i've had an easy transition to actually-working five days a week (though i'm sure i will miss my off-fridays dearly) for about 11 hours/day, and still having energy to run. making myself go to bed at 10pm helps - i've even started to wake up naturally at 5:30 so i get to work on time. i know, how exciting. i'm definitely not complaining. the hours are longer, lunch is almost non-existent, but the work is plentiful so i don't have to sit and twiddle my thumbs like i did back in the office. obviously i'm still digging the jeans/t-shirt attire; i totally wore one of my marathon shirts in earlier this week.

i forced myself to re-hitch a ride on the running wagon and am now going on 8 days straight. (last week was so crappy, i logged more mileage on monday and tuesday alone this week.) i'm not aiming to have some incredibly long streak, i just need to get myself safely away from the hole i dug. however, i am still desperately slacking nutritionally. hopefully i'll clean it up (for the most part) this weekend and crack the whip monday. i've had a few not-so-lovely stomach aches lately and i know it's from all the crap i keep plowing down.

wednesday (4/1) pm run: 6.26 miles, 53:42 (avg pace 8:34), avg hr (162)

nothing exciting - just an easy run on the hotel 'mill followed by 10 minutes on the bike.

thursday (4/2) pm run: 3.52 miles, 30:00 (avg pace 8:31), avg hr (157)

this was an 'optional' workout day but i figured i'd go for a few easy miles and continue my little streak. there was a dude on the tm when i went down to run, but he said he only had about 9 minutes left so i pedaled away on the bike (10 min) while he finished up. the bike is positioned so that you can see the tm's dashboard, and when i sat down he cranked up the speed a little. swoon.

just kidding, at least he was running. a few minutes into my run and a super bad rain storm rolled in. i could hear the thunder and rain over all the noise of the treadmill and tv. i had briefly considered running over at the high school a few miles away, so i was glad my confinement to the tm paid off for once.

friday (4/3) pm run: 9.2 miles, 1:11:58 (avg pace 7:49), avg hr (164)

like i mentioned, my diet has been less-than-spectacular all week, and extra worse today. i had a delicious, warm, gooey cinnamon roll at 6:30am, moist homemade chocolate cake at 9, cheesecake for lunch, and chips/dip and donuts sprinkled globbed in between for my afternoon snack. (and yet i wonder why i can't seem to get rid of my buddha belly. it's a mystery.) i felt 20 pounds heavier with each bite, but i deserve it for being such a sucker for sweets and chocolatey goodness. yes, i still have my food allergies, but i know they won't kill me so sometimes i suck at being good. :(

anyway friday was interval day. as i shoveled junk food in all day, i was a little worried about how i'd hold up. since i had cake for breakfast and lunch, i had a slice of (pepperoni) pizza around 3pm to ensure i at least had some nutrients. ...riiiiight. so i fueled terribly, but i survived. definitely won't be fueling like this again though.

the plan: 20 minutes easy, 2x(10x200 repetition "r" pace with 1 min easy), 10 minutes easy after each set. (my r-pace for 200m is 0:44)

i was quite intimidated by the "2x10" part, but figured i'd get through the first set and try to do as many of the 2nd set as i could hang on for. i got competitive with myself and completed the workout as prescribed, what a good feeling!

1st set - 0:45, 0:44, 0:45, 0:42, 0:45, 0:43, 0:45, 0:41, 0:45, 0:42
(avg 0:43; mile pace 5:49)
2nd set - 0:41, 0:45, 0:42, 0:44, 0:42, 0:45, 0:42, 0:45, 0:42, 0:45
(avg 0:43; mile pace 5:46)

all-in-all, it feels good to be back in a routine and logging normal mileage. i wish i could run outside more (/ever) but i'll have to savor that on the weekends when i have the time to drive somewhere populated and runner-friendly (sidewalks/shoulders).


  1. Good to hear you are getting some good runs in. Hopefully you can continue the streak!

  2. Don't sell yourself short. You logged in some good miles this week. Whatever hole you dug yourself last week has definitely been covered up by now. Great work.

  3. It's nice to see you are back on a good run streak Lindsay. But I especially lke your Homer Simpson diet on Wednesday!

    Great week!

  4. Sadly, your diet on Friday looks so familiar to me... Great job on getting the running going again!

  5. You are on a roll, girl! It's great to see you back in form and cranking up the milage. Ha the term 'buddha belly'.

  6. I need to stay consistent! You're doing great.

  7. wow what a great jump back on the wagon! way to go.

  8. That's awesome that you've been back on a good streak lately. And your fueling plan... that cracked me up. Way to indulge! :-)

  9. Way to work your way out of a rut. You Friday eats sound like meals I could easily eat. Cheesecake, love it! Clean the nutrition up and you'll be rocking again.

  10. Ha! Sounds like we were on the same wavelength on Friday, nutrition-wise :)

    Nice going on the streak!

  11. You are still logging some impressive mileage. BTW your post made me hungry! I am now nibbling on cheese and crackers!

  12. Woo hoo! Congrats on that 8 day running streak! I love your fueling strategy - cake for breakfast and lunch and some pepperoni pizza. Nice!

    Hopefully you are able to get in a great run outdoors this weekend.

  13. Now this is a refreshing post. It's nice to see you're back on the horse. It's time to get ready for New York! Hahaha.

  14. well you are definitely making up your lost miles now!! wow those are some SPEEDY intervals! great job girl!!! keep it up :) at least you got the running back, nutrition will be next, baby steps :)

  15. Glad to have you back. Now I can drool over those paces Speedy.

  16. I want your 1/2 time...I want your 1/2 time...I want your 1/2 time!

    Way to get back on the horse Lindsay.

  17. don't feel bad, when i was in d.c. last week, i made sure to have a chocolatey dessert every day - yummy!!!

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