Monday, May 4, 2009

barefoot, that's how the kenyans do it

carl and karl underwood love running. they love marathons, half-marathons, and half-half-marathons. they love 5ks, 10ks, and think 401ks sound pretty fun. they think cross-country, steeplechase, and the first 90% of pole vaulting aren’t too bad, either. the underwood brothers are running’s #1 superfans and their mission is to share their love of running with the world.

week in review (4/27 - 5/03):
total miles: 46.47 (all easy)
time spent running: ~6 hours 38 minutes
avg hr: 160.71
avg pace: 8:36/mile
off days: 0

this week included a nice mid-week "long" run of 11 miles! i really need to be strict with myself regarding at least one long-ish run/week. i have been running 7-9 miles like a champ, but i need (and want) to go longer on a weekly basis. i ran outside in the heat most days in hopes of getting my body "used to" the warm stickiness as soon as possible. those runs were considerably slower than my easy pace, yet my hr was not lower as it should've been - i'm assuming it was all because of the heat and am not concerned with it. i felt a little blah/groggy all day sunday, and i hope it's just the crud from all the secondhand smoke i inhaled at the derby. here i thought you could only smell like smoke after a night at the bars, not an outdoor event...


  1. That vid's hilarious! Reminds me not to take my running too stinkin' seriously :)

  2. Cute video!

    Second hand smoke... (gag)

  3. another solid week for you, keep it up.
    Yesterday at my race there was a regular mid-pack dude who ran the whole 10 miles bare foot. I want to try that some time, but I think my DNF chances will be much higher.

    My marathon is now only 20 days away...thanks for yer help/advice. Now I'm gonna coast for a few weeks and then we'll see what happens!

  4. Here's to another great week!

  5. That's a great video!

    I need to adapt to the warmth as well. I shouldn't have skipped my Tuesday night run last week, those are very good to help build comfort in the heat.

    I hate secondhand smoke. I live in the capitol for that crap.

  6. Nice mileage! You must have great biomechanics to not need a rest day/week! I am jealous:) Ana-Maria

  7. there's nothing like a lung full of cigar smoke to make you feel fantastic (*cough**hack*).
    i like the video!

  8. Cute video!

    Nice mileage. And great job running in the heat. I do everything possible to avoind the heat!

  9. Great week, lindsay.
    The SuperFans were in Boston and I got to see a bit of their show. They are indeed very funny.

  10. Cute video ;)

    I'm in the same boat when it comes to longer runs...I feel like I need to start being serious and do one long run a week, like on Saturdays. I haven't gone quite as a far as you (8 mile is my longest so far), so I feel ya on wanting to go a bit farther now.

  11. Love the video!!! Those guys are hilarious! Blech, I hate running in really hot weather. I also hate running in really cold weather. I guess there is no pleasing me!

  12. "Barefoot, that's how the Kenyans do it" That's an awesome quote. Video is pretty funny. If only I had someone like that pushing (torturing) me to run when I was that young. I'd be a running star by now.