Friday, May 1, 2009

a day in the life

today at work i got to climb the absorber (the thing that takes the sulfur dioxide out of the flue gas / the thing that takes what causes acid rain and other pollutants out of the smoke omitted from a power plant*). zzzz bored yet? (except maybe leana and meredith with their scientifical engineer minds)

climbed all the way to the top.

i probably haven't mentioned this, but i have this slight fear of heights.

i clutched both handrails as i ascended 600 feet or so above the ground, with nothing but metal grating beneath me. i had to stop a few times to fight off the urge to puke. i'm really not good with heights. i tried concentrating on looking straight out, but my eyes kept diverting to their peripherals... which would then drift downwards... not good. i was a big scaredy cat the whole time but i made it all the way up and even let go of the handrail for a few minutes.

super-nervous dork, with the beautiful ohio river behind me.
i'm dressed up compared to my usual t-shirt.

check out my steel-toed "running shoes". i get made fun of them for that anyway. wouldn't recommend running in them - the steel is not that comfortable and a bit heavy.

going down was an adventure as well, but i made it down without panicking too much.

after work it started raining pretty hard so i hopped on my beloved friend, sir treadmill, for a little run. to keep myself distracted, i randomly decided to do ~15 minutes easy (7.0mph), 10 min @ 8.0 (~7:30 pace), 5 min @ 7.0, 10 min @ 8.5 (~7:03 pace), and then however much longer easy til i got to 6 miles. i didn't struggle during the 8.0 or 8.5 sections so that was nice to see/feel.

tons of people are racing this weekend so good luck to everyone! i'll be sure have a mint julep for each of you at the kentucky derby tomorrow. ;-)

*i sure couldn't have come up with this myself. thank goodness j is an engineer and knows the ins and outs of flue gas desulfurization.


  1. great pic! great job conquering your fear :) have a fantastic weekend, hope the rain stops.

  2. 600 feet? i would have requested a safety harness (and a sedative beforehand). you are much braver than me :)

  3. Nice pic! (Seriously). You're going to the Kentucky Derby?! Nice! I'll keep an eye out for you. (JK). By the way, I hate heights also. Luckily I live in a ranch style home, so even cleaning out the gutters isn't so bad. Unless I get stuck on the roof, but that's another story!

  4. Great job going up in the sky! Ana-Maria

  5. There must have been some nice views from up there... too bad your eyes were probably clamped shut from fear, eh... :)

  6. Wow that is high.

    Ooh, Derby! I've never had a mint julep so let me know if I liked it :)

  7. hmm...the absorber or running? I think I'd have to choose running. Not a fan of heights either..:/

  8. Lindsay, I so feel your pain on the heights! I had to climb up to the helicopter pad of an offshore oil rig (before it got towed out to sea) and I have never been so scared in my life. It was windy and all I wanted was to just lie down on the pad since for sure I couldn't be blown off over the side then, right?

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  9. Cute sneaks and hat. I'm catching back up on blog reading now that my Boston race report is done. So, I'm hoping you have a good derby race report when it's all over...

  10. I was wondering what it was that your company did! And girl, let me just say that if you are "slightly" afraid of heights, then I am "completely" afraid of them. You would not have gotten me that high in the air, let alone 30 feet. And going down, yeah I would have puked, or you would have to hit me and make me unconscious.

  11. Have you ever been treated for scoliocis? Your shoulders look as askew as mine are, and I have a low back S-shaped curve.